Salisbury might eliminate election primaries for city offices


The City Council plans to eliminate primary elections, a matter council members intended to do when they created five voting districts in September.

“We believe primaries are not necessary,” City Council President Jake Day said.

“You don’t need to cull the group of people running. It was unnecessary before and now, with many districts, it’s already divided into a smaller number. We hope there will be people running in every district,” he said.

Also, voter turnout has been low, Day said.

City Council members will discuss the elimination of primaries, but it’s certain to become official, Day said. No council members are opposed.

An ordinance that will go before the City Council states city leaders have decided it is in the best interest, to eliminate and amend the code.

City Council will supervise the appointment and registration system, nomination by petition and general, primary and special elections, the ordinance states.

The Council will also observe polls and opening of absentee ballots and hear “contests concerning voting and the validity of any ballot,” according to the ordinance.

It also states no candidate may receive campaign contributions of more than $250 for the primary and general election combined. Contributions must be received by the general election, or returned if they are received afterward.

It would take effect 50 days after it is passed.

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