Salisbury makes progress, receives glowing audit

The city’s independent auditor, at a City Council work session this week, gave an at-times gushing report on the city’s financial accountability and and performance.

Pam Baker of Barbacane , Thornton & Co. said the city is “on a track it hasn’t been on in a long time” and made “huge strides this year” in how it accounts for its cash.

Baker showered praise on Mayor Jim Ireton and Keith Cordrey, the city’s director of Internal Services.

Keith and his staff have done a tremendous job,” Baker told the council.

The preliminary Audit Report was presented to the City Council a day earlier than last year. Salisbury, according to the audit is in a strong financial position.

Some of the positive indicators:

The General Fund unassigned surplus is topped $ 8 million.

Use of surplus in FY14 was less than budgeted.

All city departments came in under budget.

The city’s Water-Sewer fund had an unrestricted surplus is over $7 million.

“Every year for the last 4 years the audit has gone smoother due to improvements in staff preparation,” Baker said,” and in audit team planning and responsiveness.”

City audit reports have sometimes been less-than-complimentary exercises for more than a decade. Ireton, this year, heralded the news.

“Once again, we continue to get the fiscal work of the city completed in a much faster fashion,” he said. “Mr. Cordrey reports that we are in sound financial shape in both the General Fund and the Water & Sewer Fund. With this audit complete, I will begin the FY16 budget processes.

At Monday’s council session, Council President Jake Day recognized the “huge strides” that had been made. “Keith Cordrey and the staff deserve a round of applause,” he said.

Added Ireton: “In the past five years, we have been able to expedite completion of this fiscal document by two full months. I am proud to be able to say to our taxpayers that we continue to improve.”

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