Skatepark construction ahead of schedule

Construction of Phase 1 of the Salisbury Skatepark is well under way, and the new facility may be completed ahead of schedule.

Because of the progress, the city of Salisbury is now accepting registrations for the Salisbury Skatepark, so that skaters will be ready to use the facility as soon as it opens.

All skaters must be appropriately registered with the city’s Department of Community Development.

Skaters 18 years of age and older must complete and sign a Waiver and Release form and obtain a Salisbury Skatepark registration sticker. This sticker must be displayed prominently on your skating helmet to enter and skate in the park.

All skaters under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Visit the city of Salisbury website – – and go to the Salisbury Skatepark page for more information.

The Skatepark page can be found under the “Information Center” section and in the “Important Links” box on the City website.  This page includes downloadable versions of the Salisbury Skatepark Rules of Use and the Waiver and Release form, as well as other important information.

Salisbury Skatepark registration stickers may also be obtained by mail.  Please visit the Salisbury Skatepark webpage for the necessary forms and information.

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