Salisbury to close some streets near S Curve

Two streets off South Salisbury Boulevard will be closed to traffic and improved for pedestrians, as the State Highway Administration adds sidewalks, curb and gutter at no cost to the city.

Access to South Division Street and to Mitchell Street at South Salisbury Boulevard will be closed. The area will remain open to pedestrians.

In a May 21 letter to Julia Glanz, City Administrator, Amanda Pollack, Infrastructure and Development Director, explained that, due to the S curve and uniquely shaped series of intersections, that area of Route 13 has become hazardous.  Salisbury Police reported 119 collisions along Route 13 from Vine Street to Mitchell Street during the past five years, with at least four being hit and run accidents, Pollack said.

The City Council signed an ordinance that states the changes will improve traffic safety on South Salisbury Boulevard by “diverting traffic to a signal-controlled intersection at East Vine Street.”

Pollack said the city contacted officials at both Peninsula Regional Medical Center and the city fire department about the closures and both agencies agreed.

The city received a letter from the SHA in full support of the changes and stating, “Both Mitchell Street and South Division Street are stop-controlled with access to US 13 within the S curve. By removing these access points and redirecting traffic at the signalized intersection at US 13 and Vine Street, conflict points will be reduced, resulting in a safer corridor.”

Mayor Jake Day said feedback from the public and neighboring businesses has been supportive and that isn’t surprising.

“The average person won’t even notice it. Not many people even use those particular streets. You can’t cut across Route 13 from them. They are in spots where there are lights adjacent to them,” the mayor said.


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