Salisbury will replace four welcome signs

Visitors to Salisbury accustomed to seeing traditional welcome signs erected along the roadway will eventually notice new designs that incorporate the city’s colorful logo.

The four signs will be replaced during the next two years, at a total cost of $160,000.

Several weeks ago, the sign in Route 50 at Hobbs Road, welcoming visitors arriving from the east, was destroyed when it was struck by a driver, but that sign was scheduled to come down anyway, Mayor Jake Day said.

“One of the things we put in the budget was a new set of signs all around the perimeter of Salisbury … We are studying precedents right now,” Day said.

“These signs are part of our rebranding. My goal is to ensure that we communicate what Salisbury is and what Salisbury feels like through everything the city touches. One part of that is our signage,” the mayor said.

“All of the entry point signs are being replaced,” Chris Demone, who handles public relations for the mayor’s office, said.

“The one at the intersection of Hobbs Road and Route 50 is seeing an early retirement due to it having been struck by a vehicle which mistook it for a road,” he said.

Day’s Capital Improvement Plan includes $160,000, with $80,000, scheduled to be spent in Fiscal Year 2017, and another $80,000 next year, Demone said.

The signs will incorporate the new brand — city logos and designs — but Demone said officials haven’t yet finalized what they will look like.

“We have some ideas. We’ve been in preliminary discussions. We’re waiting to see the Main Street master plan,” Demone said.

The signs establish the city’s identity, he said.

“The moment someone comes into the city, it incorporates that brand from the outside in, so anywhere people go throughout the city, they will recognize it. It is making that brand indelible,” Demone said.

“It’s more than just a logo and a tagline,” Day wrote on the city Website.

“This is not the government’s brand alone. This is our brand. This is your brand. You helped design it, and you own it,” Day wrote.

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