Salvation Army plans reunion event to celebrate 100 years


There’s a historic Salvation Army poster from 1919 with the slogan, “A man may be down, but he’s never out.”

That’s the kind of uplifting message founder William Booth took into the streets of England when he started, in 1852, an unconventional street ministry that became the Salvation Army.

Salisbury began benefitting from The Salvation Army in 1913. To celebrate there will be a centennial roast beef dinner at the Moose Lodge Sept. 5, beginning at 6 p.m., with social hour an hour prior.

“I really hope a lot of people will say, ‘Hey, I remember I used to play basketball there.’ Anybody who has ever been touched by the Salvation Army or had a part in the Salvation Army or played in their football games, we hope they will come,” said Sherry Maykrantz, development director in the Salisbury office.

“People in the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, used to play and we would like them to come,” she said, adding seating is limited to 350. Tickets cost $20 and there is a vegetarian selection. Call 410-749-7771.

“The Moose Lodge was kind enough to donate its facility. All we have to do is pay the cost of the food. It’s going to be a nice event. We’re going to have a guest speaker and a video slide show of all the years we’ve been here.

“We don’t want this 100 years to go by without having some kind of honor. In the 1970s and 1980s this was the only place to do go to do sports in Salisbury. There weren’t all these sports leagues like we have now,” she said.

The day after the banquet, Salvation Army football teams will play, since that sport is the biggest draw for young people, attracting 300 to 400. There are also basketball and softball teams.

“There will be games all day. The public is invited to that too,” Maykrantz said.

“I will be a great event for anyone to attend, to bring, maybe awareness, or maybe recognizing the presence the Salvation Army has held through the past 100 years. We would like the presence of the Salvation Army to rekindle community support so that we can have another 100 years in the community.  We can’t do that without community support,” she said.

The organization offers an impressive list of services, including youth basketball, football and softball.

There is after-school care and tutoring, music and arts, events for senior citizens, disaster relief, latchkey programs and financial assistance with cost of medication, utilities and rent, plus other social services for residents in Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties.

The thrift shop operates on Eastern Shore Drive near Vine Street.

And, of course, there’s the traditional Red Kettle Campaign, dating back to 1895, to raise money so families in need can enjoy a nice meal and unwrap gifts on Christmas Day.

The local office recently received funding for softball, archery equipment for Somerset County and 15 new tablets from Perdue Farms for the after-school program.

“A lot of people don’t realize all the service we offer,” Maykrantz said.

“We are always interested in donations.”


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