Town Square is latest Downtown project

Visitors to Downtown who enjoy sampling selections from the crowd-pleasing food trucks will have a prime place to perch and enjoy the view of growing Salisbury, once Phase I of Town Square is complete.

The $300,000 project, the first of two phases, will include a seating wall for diners, a wall with a wide cap on top, along with landscaping and trash cans.

There will be a new pad for the food trucks, made from sturdy concrete pavers, with space for three of them, plus landscaping, installation of streetlights and electrical panels and stormwater management.

Work is being performed by Barker’s Landing Excavation of Easton, said Amanda Pollack, Director of Infrastructure and Development for Salisbury.

Currently, Pollack said, food trucks reserve parking space on metered spots on the street Downtown.

Once the pad is finished, she expects food truck owners to call the Business Development Office and request space on the pad, between Division Street and the parking garage, in a casual and friendly manner without need for a bidding process.

“From a design perspective, we’re a city with no center. There is no space dedicated to the public,” Mayor Jake Day said.

“We have a courthouse lawn but you’re not even supposed to set food on it. Cities either have that lawn or a Town Square.

“These are things on our Downtown Master Plan. These are projects that have been funded for several years but that takes time and procurement,” the mayor said.

Construction is expected to continue through the summer and be finished in August.

Phase II, expected to bring the cost of the entire project to $750,000 to $1 million, is currently being designed and will be the transformation of Lot 1, the parking lot across the street from the library, into Town Square.

Gone will be the little parking ticket booth with friendly faces inside and the familiar mechanized arm.

Instead, there will be benches, landscaping, outdoor artwork and playthings such as huge checker or chess sets, musical instruments suitable for outdoors that guests can play with and be photographed beside and maybe a splash pad, to let children and adults cool off by skipping through water and playing for awhile.

Another parking garage there, to make up for spaces lost when Town Square is finished, is a possibility, Pollack said.

The farmer’s market, now bustling in Lot 1 on Saturday mornings, will be incorporated into Town Square.

Popular 3rd Friday, held every month from 5 to 8 p.m., will be centered there and continue to feature live musical performances, local artists and gallery shows.

On 3rd Friday, stores and restaurants have sales and specials.

“Town Square will be where these kinds of events will be centered,” Pollack said.

“We’re so excited to implement this,” Day added.

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