Today In Salisbury’s History: Tuesday, Aug. 22, 1967

Tuesday, Aug. 22, 1967 — Opposition to the public housing project proposed for Booth Street in West Salisbury is apparently dwindling. Only two people attended a hearing to oppose the idea, both residents of Spring Hill Road, who said locating a housing development so close to a highway such as Route 50 would prove a […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, Aug. 15, 1991

Thursday, Aug. 15, 1991 — Police are investigating the death of Brian Ball, a 15-year-old Texas teenager who was visiting Salisbury and died from an overdose of alcohol. Ball was attending a party on Old Ocean City Road with his 16-year-old cousin and was reportedly drinking heavily because he wanted to fit in among people […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Monday, Aug. 8, 1983

Monday, Aug. 8, 1983 — Most of the chicken catchers for Perdue Farms Inc. who staged a one-day work stoppage and shut down Salisbury’s processing plant will return to work. Some 30 workers had refused to report for their midnight assignments last week, putting about 1,000 fellow plant workers out of work. Workers are considering […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Saturday, Aug. 1, 2009

Saturday, Aug. 1, 2009 — Scott Robertson, President of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, announced a $1,000 reward was being offered through CrimeSolvers for information that might help police solve the murder of Abdul Choudhry. The 49-year-old owner of the Shell gas station on North Salisbury Boulevard was shot to death in a robbery […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, July 25, 1963

Thursday, July 25, 1963 — The Mayor and City Council have formally abandoned plans for Snuff Hill, an urban renewal project proposed for the neighborhood west of Riverside Drive extending to Beauchamp Street. The city’s Retail Association and other business groups strongly supported the project, but about 125 nearby neighborhood residents spoke harshly against the […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Sunday, July 18, 1976

Sunday, July 18, 1976 — Damages have been assessed at $225,000 in the blaze that consumed the Southern States Cooperative on Vine Street just off Salisbury Boulevard. The fire, which began Thursday at about 1 p.m., engulfed the property so fast that it was fully ablaze when fire trucks arrived just 5 minutes after the […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Saturday July 11, 1959

Saturday, July 11, 1959 — County jail inmates Herbert A. Wilson, 17, and John W. Trader, 21, attempted to escape this week by rushing a guard and taking his keys. According to Sheriff Samuel A. Graham, the prisoners got through one set of doors before Sheriff’s Deputy Roscoe Purnell was able to shoot Wilson in […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, July 4, 1969

Friday, July 4, 1969 — The Salisbury Nursing Home, which cost more than $1 million to build, opened this week on Civic Avenue and Route 50. The 99-bed institution is operated as a private enterprise under the administration of Dennis Nooner, whose wife will serve as Nursing Director. The structure is distinguished by its extensive […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Wednesday, June 27, 1979

Wednesday, June 27, 1979 — The first commercial solar energy system on the Eastern Shore has been installed on the roof of the new $1.6 million Wicomico County Free Library. Officials said with energy prices skyrocketing, the 45 solar panels will cost about $35,000 but save up to 30 percent in heating and cooling expenses […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, June 20, 1969

Friday, June 20, 1969 — Swimming, fishing and boating are prohibited on Johnson’s Lake for the next several days as county officials undertake an emergency cleanup effort. Wicomico Parks Director Lorne Rickert asked city Public Works Director Philip C. Cooper to have his crews open the dam gates near Isabella Street to lower the lake’s […]