Today In Salisbury’s History: Monday, Jan. 9, 1989

Monday, Jan. 9, 1989 — Convinced that Delmarva farmers can achieve corn yields in excess of 200 bushels per acre, Ron Mulford of the University of Maryland’s Poplar Hill Research Center is experimenting with new methods that he says will someday allow a harvest of 300 bushels per acre. Mulford said the science of corn […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2001

Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2001 — The self-appointed citizens committee determined to examine the efficiency of Wicomico County governmental spending held its first brain-storming session last week. Voters Opposing Increased County Expenditures — the anti-tax group that successfully petitioned the transfer tax repeal and revenue cap — held a “think tank” meeting designed to find ways […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Sunday, Dec. 26, 1965

Sunday, Dec. 26, 1965 — Salisbury Police said someone broke into Moore’s Super Stores on South Salisbury Boulevard on Christmas Day and stole more than $1,100 in merchandise. Police said the thief or thieves also attempted to drill their way into the store safe and to attempt to break the the combination knob, but were […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, Dec. 19, 1986

Friday, Dec. 19, 1986 — Applicants to succeed Delegate-elect Norman Conway on the Salisbury City Council will be interviewed by council members on Monday night. Eight residents have reportedly applied for the post: the Rev. Harvey Dixon, Gertrude Shockley, Veida “Sandy” Dennis, Robert Menzel Jr., Bob Caldwell, Duke Shannahan and William Benn. Council President Bob […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Wednesday, Dec. 12, 1979

Wednesday, Dec. 12, 1979 — The Salisbury community is mourning the passing of Dr. Frank Weaver Jr., who has maintained a private practice in Salisbury since 1968. Weaver, who moved her from Laurel, Md., died at age 62 of natural causes. Weaver was well-known and highly regarded for his exemplary patience — even if the […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Saturday Dec. 5, 1983

Saturday Dec. 5, 1983 — The Salisbury City Council is poised to renew its franchise agreement with Storer Cable Communications this week. The 10-year agreement has been the subject of negotiations for more than a year. Storer is proposing increasing the channel selection from the current 12 channels to 30 channels. A 30-channel package would […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1990

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1990 — The 60-year anniversary of the Salisbury Fire Department’s Station 2 will celebrated Sunday in an event planned for the Brown Street facility. The station opened on Dec. 2, 1930, in what had previously been a lumber storage yard on Naylor Street. There were just 20 volunteer members when the station […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Saturday, Nov. 21, 1970

Saturday, Nov. 21, 1970 — Salisbury Mayor Dallas G. Truitt is concerned yet again about a book in the Wicomico County Library. Acting on a tip, the mayor checked out a children’s book titled “Sylvester And The Magic Pebble,” and immediately took it to library Board Chairman Dennnet Kolb to formally complain. The book is […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Monday, Nov. 14, 1994

Monday, Nov. 14, 1994 — After 35 years, WICO-AM’s Bill Phillips has retired as the host of “Party Line.” William Prettyman, who purchased the popular radio station from Phillips in 1981, made the official announcement by reading a letter from Phillips live on the air. “The early-morning call has become increasingly difficult to respond to,” […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1967

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1967 — Salisbury officials were forced this week to answer a simple question: Who is the Mayor when the Mayor is gone? Mayor Dallas Truitt was out of the state for a week on business. According to City Charter, the City Executive Secretary takes the place of an absent Mayor. Col. Charles […]