After decades, house of dreams is finally completed

Years ago, it was a peculiar sight from Mount Vernon Road, west of Princess Anne. Across a field of early autumn’s golden weeds, near the edge of the woods, sat a two-story wooden house with an end of brick. It was distinctive with its patterned wall of red and blue bricks and massive chimney. The […]

Coastal Hospice launches ‘Honor An Angel’ program

Coastal Hospice has initiated a new annual fundraising initiative, “Honor An Angel.” The program will recognize people who inspire us to make our community a better place. Donors will be able to share stories of angels in their lives; expressing love, respect or appreciation for family members, friends or special people while at the same […]

After decades, Salisbury family members unite

Two baby boomers from Salisbury embarked on a journey the last weekend in June that was decades in the making. The destination was Salisbury Park Road in Hague, Va. It’s where Sharon Hutcheson and her husband spend part of their summer in a quaint Depression-era cottage overlooking the Potomac River where it meets the Chesapeake […]

The faded ghost of a Chevy becomes an object of beauty

When remains of the 1922 Chevrolet Coupe 490 were coming down Deal Island Road on a rollback, it looked as though it was on its way to a landfill. Plenty of rust, no roof and worthless flat tires, the skeleton of the car lost even more of its peeling paints as it shook in the […]

Delmarva companies donate 2.4M pounds of chicken

Through community sales at churches, fire halls and community centers, Delmarva’s chicken companies acted quickly to provide 2.4 million pounds of chicken — enough chicken for 9.4 million meals — directly to Delmarva’s families this spring during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, Delmarva’s five chicken companies donated 1 million pounds of chicken to food banks […]

Hambrooks Light: Going, going: Almost gone

It may be the maritime community’s equivalent of the once beloved Wye Oak, a 400-year-old-plus landmark that had been around so long, until it fell in a windstorm in June 2002, people just expected it to always be there. Time, too, is running out for the Hambrooks Bar Light, or lighthouse as some call it, […]

Ed Taylor left indelible mark on Wicomico County

Edward T. Taylor was, according to those who knew him, an avid fisherman. He caught the fish, he cleaned them himself and he would fry them in a big steamer pot in a screenhouse in his back yard. A man who was generous by nature, he frequently shared them with friends, neighbors and supporters. They […]

‘Make Your Mark’ salutes seniors’ many contributions

May is Older Americans Month. This year’s theme, “Make Your Mark,” celebrates the countless contributions that older adults make to our communities; it highlights the difference everyone can make – in the lives of older adults, in support of caregivers, and to strengthen communities. The Lower Shore is rich with stories about older Americans making […]

Toneisha Harris is a Top 5 finalist on NBC’s ‘The Voice’

From the time she was old enough to begin kindergarten, friends and family knew Toneisha Harris was something special. “Toneisha came from a musical family,” said longtime family friend Eddie Harmon of Salisbury. “Her mother sings, her aunts sing, they are a local gospel group known as the Veney Gospel Singers, and in fact this […]

DiNardo Foundation to help with health care costs

Family and friends of Dr. Iggy DiNardo, who tragically passed away in December at just 62 years of age, have created a foundation to ease health care cost burdens for those in need. The Ignatius DiNardo Foundation was founded in honor of the Salisbury physician, who was known as having dedicated himself to provide the […]