Cousin Joe: A model of humility and character

Competence. Respect for differences. Grace. Largesse. Family values. Humility. When Joe Biden was a young boy struggling with stuttering, his mother used to tell him: “Joey, remember that no one is better than you. But also remember that you are not better than any other person either.” That message, and the values it implies, helped […]

Amber Green: Fenix Youth Project helps youngsters

Fenix Youth Project Inc. would like to facilitate a conversation on the purpose of youth programming and providing services for marginalized youth within our community. It is unfortunate that we must address the false narratives surrounding our organization, but we welcome the opportunity to provide information on what our vision is for Wicomico County and […]

Julia Glanz: Be sure and exercise your right to vote

I may be biased, but I believe that local government is the most important form of government, and has the biggest impact on your daily life. We pick up your trash. We make sure you have running water through your pipes. When you are sick or hurt we pick you up and care for you. […]

Tom Horton: Growth and the lesson of Covid — what have we learned?

Just as an earthquake mercilessly exposes shoddy building standards, a crisis like the current pandemic lays bare societal flaws. Both present opportunities to rebuild better. Long before Covid-19, some environmentalists and economists worried about our nation’s blind allegiance to unending economic growth. Pursuing infinite physical expansion of the human enterprise on a finite planet can’t […]

Opinion: Anderton offers the leadership Wicomico needs

While our community mourns the loss of Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver, it’s important to take time to celebrate his accomplishments and his dedication to our county. During these challenging times, we need to remain focused on our community’s future and continue our forward progress. Per the County Charter, the County Council only has 45-days […]

John Lewis touched humanity with commitment

Venerable Holloway Hall on Salisbury University’s campus had seen award winning theater productions, memorable musical concerts and edifying public lectures. But the most memorable at least for us was the electrifying talk in a packed auditorium given by the Honorable John Lewis on a night in March 2004. We still get stopped around town almost […]

Kindness is perhaps more important now than ever

“Kindness is ever the begetter of kindness.” So said Sophocles of ancient Greece, proving that some things never change. In early 2019, Salisbury’s Mayor Jake Day and Secretary of Kindness, Grace Foxwell Murdock discussed how the community could continue to be engaged in kindness to promote unity and support our status as the first World […]

Prosecution Integrity Unit to shed light on justice system

We are living in exceptional and scary times. A virus that is measured by the near invisible metric of nanometers has brought the world to its knees, killing more people in this country than the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam and the Revolutionary War combined. And, as the world struggles to stand up, millions of […]

Sheriff Mike Lewis: We stand by our Core Values

As your Sheriff, I want to share my feelings about racism and discrimination in our world in one word: INEXCUSABLE. There is no place for this type of behavior in law enforcement — and certainly this includes the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office. We will not tolerate these actions in our community. We stand on our […]

Continuing the fight for rights and opportunities

Like many of you, my last few days have been consumed by a wide range of emotions. I am saddened by the violence that is flaring up across the country. I am angry that people of color continue to be targeted for assault by a police force that should be protecting them. I am tired […]