State’s Attorney: Community has an opportunity to heal

As we process some of the recent events that challenge our community, I am reminded how important it is for us to keep perspective. Even now, as I write this letter, I am keenly aware that I do so not only as your State’s Attorney, but as a wife and mother of two young boys. […]

Tom Horton: Hopes are eroding hopes for saving Bay

Always, I’ve assumed knowledge equals power. If you do the science that makes sense of a mysterious world, it enables you to comprehend your problems and you’ll eventually solve them. I’ve seen it work here on the Chesapeake Bay to restore rockfish, stabilize blue crabs, improve water quality and make the case for protecting oyster […]

A message to our local leaders: We can do better

How was your summer? Hopefully, it was full of beaches and boats and barbecues and boardwalks. And much more. That’s what summers are for, here on Delmarva. Locally, in the Salisbury/Wicomico area, summer was as busy as it could be. In case your hectic summer caused you to miss some of the community fun and […]

Lora Bottinelli: National Folk Festival — Why we do it

As we enjoy the rewards and returns from the National Folk Festival, I want to share some reflections with the Salisbury community on why we do this work in the first place. While the images of Salisbury’s packed streets and restaurants, and news of great event income on food, beverage, and merchandise sales, are very […]

Salisbury Independent is seeking your feedback

As your community newspaper, we have enjoyed a close, personal relationship with our readers and have appreciated feedback so freely shared with us over the years. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new survey to learn more about what you like and want in the Salisbury Independent. We strive to bring you the most […]

Sheriff Mike Lewis: Support the Mexico border wall

I support President Trump’s recent address to the American people regarding the need for the immediate funding and construction of a border wall, and in the past I have called on members of Congress from across the country to support funding and construction of that wall. We live in a country that was built by […]

Jackie Fritch was a true believer in supporting peace

“Activism in the pursuit of peace was not something Jackie Fritch did, it’s who she was,” said John Wright, minister at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Salisbury. Fritch, who was a longtime member of that congregation, died Saturday, July 20. She was 86 years old. Wright, who was her minister for 10 years, struggled to find […]

Gains Hawkins: We must build a Smart Community

I knew from the outset that the odds of my securing the District 3 open seat on the Wicomico County school board were unlikely.  The process wasn’t going to be a job interview, but rather a political appointment and the Republicans with a 4-3 majority had the votes. Council President John Cannon’s muddled management of […]

A gift from Dad: The Magic Portal

When I was a boy my Dad took me on a short walk to the local public library and led me through the front door of the modest storefront building. I began to explore the children’s room while he revisited the adult reading room to follow his intellectual curiosity and his love of Civil War […]

Meals On Wheels means more than just meals

Two million — can we fathom that number, whether it’s dollars, miles or meals? Probably not. However MAC Inc., the Area Agency on Aging, has done the unfathomable in its Meals On Wheels program — delivering nearly 2,000,000 meals in the four counties of Maryland’s Lower Shore since 1976. Meals On Wheels is a national […]