Bill Chambers: Wind projects will bring local jobs

On behalf of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce — representing hundreds of regional Delmarva businesses and thousands of their employees — we want to express our strong commitment to capturing the immense wind energy resource off our shores. To protect our health, wildlife, and economy — and the quality of life of future generations, […]

Bob Culver: Thanks to employees who powered through blizzard

On New Year’s Day, a nor’easter was predicted to hit the lower Eastern Shore but not be significant. Unfortunately, as conditions changed, it became a true blizzard for our area.   Wicomico County was one of the hardest hit counties in Maryland, because of its location just a little inward from the coast. As the […]

Bob Culver: Council should leave Wor-Wic program alone

I’m always amazed when people call for change and yet keep doing the same thing expecting different results. When I ran for County Executive one of my major topics was jobs. The citizens said that they want not only more jobs, but better jobs in Wicomico County. While it is true that we lost many […]

Marc Kilmer: On Wor-Wic, council is seeking accountability for taxpayers

I’m always amazed when politicians think we should judge government programs on intentions, not on results. That appears to be the case with the Wor-Wic tuition subsidy program. During its one-year existence, it has shown some deficiencies. The county council is exploring ways to fix these problems so the program better serves students as well […]

Bob Culver: Wicomico spending is in control

Those who like to say that Wicomico County spending is out of control or has accelerated at an alarming rate just aren’t keeping their eyes on the ball. Rather than looking at county budgets and making wild conclusions, it’s more appropriate to analyze actual spending. Let’s look back and review what happened, and what has […]

Will a gulf between communities be displayed?

In many ways for many years, Salisbury and Wicomico County have been different places. The city is an island surrounded by farms, all the way to the bay in the west and the ocean in the east. Salisbury is basically the central location where farmers came to sell their crops; and while the farmers were […]

Wayne Cannon: Remembering ‘The Newsman With a Tear’

“This Is Al LaVie … Mutual News.” I can’t tell you how many times I heard those words as a young guy interested in radio and as a young guy who finally made it to radio. Al LaVie died last month and it made me sad as I knew him and worked with him in […]

Mike Dunn: Tom Draper worked to bring us together

As word began to spread last week that Tom Draper, the owner of WBOC, had been seriously injured doing what he loved to do — taking an early morning bike ride along the back roads in his beloved Sussex County, not far from his home — disbelief set in, all over Delmarva. When, less than […]

Mayor Jacob Day: Salisbury is a city on the rise

Her Arctic white paint practically glowing in the mid-morning sun, a 270-foot cruise ship waits patiently on large, wooden stands next to the Wicomico River. Today she will take the first, most important test of her life.  Have the hours, days, months of time lovingly devoted to her construction created a vessel which will be […]

Linda Duyer: Time to clear the Courthouse lawn

The Gen. John Henry Winder historical marker’s placement on the front lawn of the Wicomico County Courthouse is embroiled in controversy because of recent calls for its removal. Winder was born near Nanticoke, a graduate and instructor at West Point, a veteran of the Seminole and Mexican Wars, and manager of all the Confederate military […]