Greg Bassett: Celebrate like a Pilgrim this year

We like to call it the all-American holiday, a time of great gratitude for the good things in life, a family reunion, a salute to hot cider, roast turkey and pumpkin pie. The it slips out the back door, hardly noticed, and we say: “Where did Thanksgiving go?” For all of its good intentions, Thanksgiving […]

United Way Board responds to ousted CEO’s statement

The following official statement regarding Kathleen Mommé’s column in Thursday’s Salisbury Independent was released today by United Way Board President Dana Seiler. — Editor. This is in response to an editorial published by the Salisbury Independent on Aug. 30 by Kathleen Mommé, concerning her departure as CEO from The United Way of the Lower Eastern […]

UW’s CEO: I did not resign — I was terminated

It has been an honor to serve our community for the past 35 years including the past 24 years with the local United Way making a real impact in our neighbor’s lives. Every moment of these years, I have felt that it has been a true blessing to serve, continuously break performance records, always give […]

Remembering Fish Powell, ‘Ocean City’s patriarch’

Susan Canfora recalls that she met Fish Powell in the fall of 1985, within weeks of moving to Ocean City and accepting the position of associate editor at a weekly newspaper.
He had been mayor since April of that year and, when she walked into his office at City Hall, notebook in hand, he appeared comfortable in the position. In his usual good mood, he was sitting at his desk, laughing as he talked to a colleague. The little dog he often took to work, a Chihuahua, was taking bits of cooked steak from his hand.

William Turner: Why pre-kindergarten matters

This past year, the Wicomico County Board of Education, requested resources to fully fund countywide pre-kindergarten classrooms from the County Executive and County Council. During the meetings that followed there was discussion of the importance of pre-k education and the effects it has on children’s preparedness to come to kindergarten “ready to learn.” The state […]

How the National Folk Festival has changed communities

The National Folk Festival, set to launch in Salisbury on Sept. 7, promises to spring a pleasant surprise on inhabitants of the town and the region, based on its track record in other places across the country. The unique multicultural musical event, free to the public, has been bringing fresh energy to American cities for […]

Greg Bassett: Change is good, but sometimes not

Last week’s story on the Downtown parking garage generated some surprising reaction. In a community that hates change –- but which desperately needs change – people suddenly are feeling sentimental about the four-story concrete and brick parking lot structure in the heart of Salisbury. I received several notes about the crepe myrtle and dogwood trees […]

Greg Bassett: ‘Heavy lift’ executed for schools

Feedback is still pouring in about the education funding story that we printed in the May 31 Salisbury Independent. I’ll forgo the temptation to write a new story and offer this column to address some of the feedback. Those who made various points – and those concerned that I left information out – will see […]

Community engages in conversations about race

Benefits of having discussions about race and related issues were highlighted this week, at the first of three Tri County Mediation’s Community Conversations on Race. Panelists, meeting on Monday at the Greater Salisbury Committee building, represented one of several groups of about 20 people, who began meeting in October 2016 and explained the results. A […]

Susan Peacock: Whitehaven memorable for characters

In spring, my thoughts return to Whitehaven, nestled in southwestern Wicomico County, where my husband and I lived in a frame house beside the Wicomico River from 1984 to 2000.  We were still young then, and our move from the “big city” of Salisbury to the wilds of a downriver, historic village often seemed as if […]