Salisbury Rising: Young men are remaking our city

There hasn’t exactly been a lot of new construction in Downtown Salisbury in the past three decades. In fact, the last building constructed from scratch was the W. Paul Martin District Court & Multi-Service Center, and that was way back in 1990. But Downtown development has hardly remained idle in those 28 years. Developers and […]

Push on to increase Wicomico schools funding

There’s a push on to increase funding for Wicomico County’s schools and those driving the effort are new to the game. For well over three decades — with the exception of a few years here and there — decision-making for school spending has followed a script of sorts: Step 1 — The seven members of […]

Is Revenue Cap helping or hurting Wicomico?

In a County Charter that contains 712 sections, dictating in explicit detail how Wicomico County is to be operated day in and day out. It is the 73 words included in Section 706B that continues to befuddle people ranging from Wall Street bond bankers to public school crossing guards. “Tax Revenue Cap. Notwithstanding any other […]

Election 2018: 32 races, lots of learning

Those who like to watch local politics will have a lot to look at in the next eight months as the tables are set for another election year. In Wicomico County, thanks to the addition of a school board election, voters will be asked to vote on 32 state and local races, selected from a […]

Salisbury-Wicomico remains a community on the move

There wasn’t much resting in Salisbury and Wicomico County in 2017, as the community remained solidly on the move. A recap of the major news stories of the year: Wicomico County cuts property tax rate Completing an excruciating budget process, the Wicomico Council agreed in June to implement a .01-cent property tax cut. County property […]

Despite critics, Culver has no obvious challengers for re-election

A rite of democracy is to pick on elected leaders – criticize their decisions, question their motives, complain about their actions, mock their performances. As Wicomico’s top elected leader, County Executive Bob Culver knows all about that. Heading the county’s executive department since his election in 2014, the former County Councilman and longtime Wicomico businessman […]

Salisbury Rising: Photos of Chesapeake Shipbuilding

With over 30 years of direct industry experience, Salisbury’s Chesapeake Shipbuilding has become a leading designer and builder of a notable array of commercial ships up to 450 feet in length. Their vessels exit from the Wicomico River to operate all over the world, and are suited for inland waterway or ocean service. Their specialization […]

Salisbury Rising: Programs are cultivating youngsters

When children look for carrots in the garden, when they talk about how much they enjoy the vegetable traditionally shunned by little ones, something is being done right. That’s certainly the case at the Salvation Army Richard Hazel Youth Center, where youngsters, on a recent sunny afternoon, rushed to the garden they are cultivating, eager […]

Salisbury Rising: Downtown optimism is highest in 30 years

There are lots of people in the Salisbury economic arena who can see what’s going on. A few of these people even understand what makes the area tick business-wise. There is only one figure who can see, understand and actually explain it all: Dr. Memo Diriker. Dubbed the “Business Guru of the Shore,” Diriker is […]

Salisbury Rising: Entrepreneurial Center will be cutting edge

Successful cities are hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship. They foster an environment where ideas are generated, exchanged, developed and put into practice. As Salisbury University’s Director of Entrepreneurial Activities puts it, the top communities know all about creating businesses, creating jobs, creating revenue flows and instilling innovation. Over the next three years, Downtown Salisbury will […]