Salisbury Rising: We’re realizing how great we can be

Hopefully, our long citywide inferiority complex is over!

For many years, I have heard that we cannot be Berlin or Easton. No, I have always answered, we have more potential; we can be better.

We have a beautiful river, a nationally recognized university and regional medical center, an accredited zoo and much more.

Traveling across the state as mayor, I was constantly greeted with compliments and interest in the city.  Everything from our Chamber of Commerce landscaping program to our incredible Community Band, others have long recognized how special Salisbury is.

A recent article in the Salisbury Independent highlighted Salisbury’s assets and potential.

Reading the article on the “Checklist for Success: Winning Communities/Common Traits,” I was reassured and thrilled to see what I have long known.  We possess most of them!

All we need now is a willingness to believe the facts.

Far too long, we have settled for an inferior status. Downtown, I was told when I became mayor could never be more than a business center.

Now, a new generation of residents is proving that Downtown Salisbury can be much more than a business park that goes silent and dark at night. They have brought new life and energy to the heart of the city.

Their investment of vision, energy and talent is restoring Downtown as the jewel in Salisbury’s crown, the jewel it has been throughout most of our history.

Led by Mayor Jake Day, they are refusing to accept the old inferiority complex and are transforming the city into a vibrant urban center.

I wish that everyone could have the opportunity, as I have had several times to fly over Salisbury and see firsthand the Wicomico River, the neighborhoods, the downtown and the commercial sector of our hometown.

Thousands come to Salisbury each week because we are the center of the metro core. A small percentage going downtown can be a critical mass providing the vitality we have long envied in surrounding communities.

Always, the crucial ingredient in Salisbury’s success has been the giving, compassionate and caring citizens who continue to define and enhance our community.

People always make the difference and we have never wavered in any cause in which we believe. Now is the time to believe in Salisbury’s present and future possibilities.

Let’s join those who are dedicated and working to make Salisbury the best destination on the Eastern Shore!

Barrie Parsons Tilghman served as Salisbury’s mayor from 1998-2009.


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