Salisbury Rising 2019: Let’s ride the wave, Chamber CEO says

If folks around the Free State and beyond the borders of the Mason-Dixon Line didn’t know up to now, they surely know today — Salisbury is on the move in a big way.

Bill Chambers.

The city of Salisbury and Wicomico County are riding this tidal wave of successes spurred by vision and built by good old fashioned entrepreneurial hard work. In short, our community is not just open for business. It is open to the cultural arts, risk-takers, educators, some of the best health care professionals and innovators.

Salisbury has become more than just the second-largest city in Maryland. Once a place that D.C. and Maryland investors shunned as a location to prosper, those same investors and others from surrounding states see the opportunities that are wide open here.

Aside from hundreds of thousands of square feet of ongoing construction and renovation, Salisbury possesses a spirit that overwhelmingly captures interests beyond business.

The success of year two of the National Folk Festival underscores this spirit. People are more aware than ever of what this city has to offer, and they WANT to come to Salisbury.

Festivals, 3rd Fridays, marathons, arts, restaurants, retail, world-class health care facilities, nationally recognized colleges, universities, sports, and entertainment venues are just a small sample of why so many people want to call Salisbury home.

The entire Lower Shore region is a place where people want to invest, work, live, play, and raise a family.

The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce applauds the city, business leaders and citizens for embracing the Salisbury Spirit.

And Salisbury: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Bill Chambers is President and CEO of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce.

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