Alex Guerreo brings title belt home to Salisbury

Guerrero Fight 1127

Alex Guerrero 12-0 put on a boxing clinic in focus, discipline and skills Friday evening at the Chase Center in Wilmington to bring home the NABA Title Belt

The belt  was presented by the North American Boxing Association who sanctioned the 10-round Championship bout. The NABA is under the umbrella of the World Boxing Association.

Guerrero’s opponent, Philadelphian Anthony Farrante was as determined as expected, but just could not find a solution to Guerrero movement and punishing jab.

Out of the gate, Guerrero established his quick jab and followed up with a straight right hand that buckled Farrante’s knees in the first round.

Farrante recovered, however, and began hunting Guerrero down in the small 16-foot-by-16-foot ring.

Guerrero continued to move and take Farrante’s power punching away from him while landing his own jab and powerful right hand.

Although Farrante appeared to be wearing down in the fifth round, he continued to look for an opening for his signature fight ending, right hand, it would never come.

Farrante’s face was showing the signs of defeat and both eyes started to close and Guerrero opened a large cut over Farrante’s right eye. In the sixth round, Guerrero saw the opening and followed a picture perfect jab with a devastating straight right hand that send Farrante to the canvas.

“At first I was not happy to see such a small ring because it hinders the movement we had planned on,” said Coach Hal Chernoff, “but Alex adjusted and used his athleticism in the confined space. After the fifth round, it actually became an advantage and made it easy for Alex when he started pressuring Farrante.”

The 10-round title fight was stopped in the corner at the end of the eighth round when Farrante’s corner stopped the fight.

“We were prepared for his style and had a good camp and a good tight corner so that gave Alex his best chance for good performance,” Chernoff said,

The win will move Guerrero up significantly in the world ratings and help set the stage for World Title, if Guerrero stays on the present course.

Chernoff said he would love to bring that fight to Salisbury when the time comes and break new ground, by having a world title fight in with a home-grown fighter.

Guerrero was humble in victory.

“I will take a little break, and get right back in the gym,” he said. “We don’t expect a wait for our next bout, and I need to continue to improve and stay in shape.

“It’s a funny business and you have to be ready when the call comes, because sometimes you would like more time to prepare,  so you have to stay in shape,” he said.

Guerrero will be riding in his hometown Christmas Parade on Dec. 6 in Delmar. He will also be on hand for the Dec 12 Main Street Gym boxing event, “Guns and Hoses /Festival of Fights.”

Tickets for that event are available at any Pohanka Automotive dealership, Back Street Grill, E.D. Supply, Burnett-White Tire Center, Delmarva Auto Glass or Robinson’s Family of Businesses.

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