Main Street Gym battles at ‘Holiday Brawl for All’

Three boxers from Main Street Gym traveled to Dover last week to compete at the Dover YMCA’s “Holiday Brawl for All.” The event attracted fighters from Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the District of Columbia.

All three Main Street Gym fighters performed well with two of the three winning bouts.

“It was a very successful evening,” said Main Street Gym head coach Hal Chernoff. “The coaching staff is very proud of all three fighters. These bouts opened eyes and doors for us and we’re looking forward to new matches and challenges in the New Year.”

Main Street Gym’s TJ Mottinger, 30, of Seaford, faced an opponent in the main event heavyweight round. Mottinger was the taller of the two, weighing in at 194 pounds. His opponent from Philadelphia, while shorter, weighed in well over the 200-pound mark.

Mottinger started out slowly and was cautious of the shorter man’s power. However, after getting a sense of his opponent’s skill, Mottinger had no difficulty landing punches and taking the fight.

“This was Mottinger’s third win. His boxing skills and his overall strength continue to improve. He will be a force to be reckoned with,” said Chernoff.

Earlier in the evening, the first fight pitted Jordan Brown, of Delmar, against a Philadelphia fighter.  Brown maintained his poise for the three rounds to grab the victory.

“Jordan is really starting to put it all together now. This was his third fight and he remains unbeaten, but more importantly he stays cool and using his head in the ring,” said Chernoff.

Gavin Brown, 8, entered the ring for his second bout, this one against a fighter from the Philadelphia area.  While Gavin kept the fight close through each round, his opponent threw a large volley of punches just as the bell sounded and was awarded the decision.

“Gavin didn’t get the win tonight, but he is doing so well that that we are encouraging him not to think in terms of winning or losing.  We just want him to know he is getting better and focus on learning. I think we’ll hear a lot about both the Brown brothers as they continue to grow and gain experience,” said Chernoff.

Main Street Gym is located in Salisbury. In addition to training fighters in the Main Street Boxing Club, the gym sponsors an after school program for kids ages 8 to 16, incorporating homework help, physical activity and special projects.

For more information and sponsorship opportunities, visit or find Main Street Gym on Facebook.


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