Brice Stump: The estate where history lives

The gleaming white country lane of crushed clam shells skirts a field and passes under a canopy of tree boughs that dance in the spring breeze. Ahead, the salmon-colored bricks of an 18th century house contrast with young green leaves of spring. It looks and feels like home. The lane sweeps by the front steps […]

Brice Stump: Skipjack book allows public reconnection

As fast as it came, so has it left, Christmas 2017. Yet there are still decorated trees with colored lights, greens on the mantel and candles remaining in the windows. Christmas in some homes lingers with plenty of homemade cookies to be eaten, holiday music yet to enjoy and quiet, slow evenings in front of […]

Brice Stump: Through the Christmas window

The first small snowflakes began to fall, tossed and swirled by a biting wind that came strong between the holly boughs and cedar trees on the hill. It was almost evening, when the dark clouds made the end of day come sooner to the empty house in the naked field of soybean stubble. Almost Christmas, […]

Brice Stump documents island’s remaining skipjacks

Maryland’s skipjacks have been dredging oysters on the Chesapeake Bay for almost 130 years, yet there’s never been a book about them as seen through the lens of photographer Brice Stump. His book, “Working Skipjacks of Deal Island,” shows for the first time a definitive look at the state’s official boat and the crews that […]

Brice Stump: George Chevalier helped save history

It has been said that when a person dies, a library dies with him or her. So is the case with the recent passing of George Chevalier of Salisbury. His family lost a devoted father and grandfather and his friends are now without a kind and considerate man. To those of us who value history […]