Bob Culver: Open discussion on Revenue Cap worthwhile

Lately, because of a report put forward by the Greater Salisbury Committee and coverage of the issue in the Salisbury Independent, much interest and attention has been given to Wicomico County’s Revenue Cap. So what, if any, restrictions has it caused on the growth of Wicomico County? Many people will say it has been a […]

Is Revenue Cap helping or hurting Wicomico?

In a County Charter that contains 712 sections, dictating in explicit detail how Wicomico County is to be operated day in and day out. It is the 73 words included in Section 706B that continues to befuddle people ranging from Wall Street bond bankers to public school crossing guards. “Tax Revenue Cap. Notwithstanding any other […]

Mike Dunn: Time to give Revenue Cap a public review

In late 2016, the Greater Salisbury Committee, in keeping with its commitment to be a catalyst in the community, decided it was time for the Wicomico County Revenue Cap, which has been the law of the land since 2000, to be reviewed. So, a task force was commissioned. It was led by nine GSC members, […]