‘Strong’ measure seeks to end appointments fights

Any high-level county administration official whose appointment has not been confirmed by the Wicomico County Council could find themselves jailed, facing a hefty fine and having to return their salary money, under legislation currently being considered. Even the person serving as County Executive could find themselves facing incarceration or fines for continuing to employ a […]

Two County Charter amendments win approval

Wicomico County residents on Tuesday approved by referendum vote two charter amendments. An amendment to allow voters to decide if the County Council should confirm deputy directors and assistant directors of administration, just as they now approve hiring of department heads, won by 71 percent or 19,910 votes. A second amendment, to resolve if Council […]

Wicomico poised to advance two Charter changes

­ Wicomico County residents will have the opportunity to vote on two amendments to the County Charter when they’re in the election booth on Nov. 6. The County Council discussed several amendments, but this week Councilman Marc Kilmer said they had been narrowed down to two. One will allow voters to decide if the County […]

One On One, May 24, 2018: County Councilman Marc Kilmer

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT6FJ85A1hA[/embedyt] Wicomico District 2 Councilman Marc Kilmer talks about charter amendments approved by the County Council that will be on the November ballot and why the alterations are needed.

Nine Charter Amendments on November ballot

In addition to the collection of candidates, and a referendum on an elected school board, Wicomico voters will be asked to weigh in this November on some complicated changes to the County Charter. Mostly regarded as housekeeping alterations by the County Council, the nine amendments go much deeper. Voters will be asked to change where […]