One On One, Oct. 15, 2020: Wicomico’s John Cannon

Wicomico County Council Vice President John Cannon talks about the various issues confronting county government, lists plans for the continuing fiscal year and sheds some light on the process that was followed to select a new County Executive.

Psota named Acting County Executive through 2022

Wicomico Director of Administration Jon Psota will continue serving as Acting County Executive for as long as the next two years, following a 5-2 vote of the County Council on Friday. Council President Larry Dodd declared the seven-member body was unable to reach a consensus on who the successor to the late Bob Culver should […]

Wicomico Council to discuss executive process Friday

Two weeks ago, the Wicomico County Council set a Sept. 14 deadline for applicants to the vacant County Executive position, so it could discuss next steps when it convened again on Sept. 15. When Tuesday’s meeting came, however, no discussion occurred. Council President Larry Dodd confirmed that two applications had been submitted in the search […]

Anderton reapplies for County Executive post

Wicomico County is finishing up a seventh straight week without a council-selected County Executive in place, some movement in the process to replace the late Bob Culver is expected early next week. Back on Aug. 28, after its original choice for executive forfeited the appointment nomination, the County Council set this Monday as the deadline […]

Wicomico will start over in failed executive search

The Wicomico County Council spent most every week of at least the last four years fighting with County Executive Bob Culver. Now, with Culver gone from the scene, the seven-member body has taken to fighting each other. In a virtually unprecedented meeting held late on a Friday afternoon, the council ducked any roll-call votes as […]

Wicomico meeting Friday to discuss executive selection

The Wicomico County Council is expected to meet in a public session on Friday at 5:30 p.m. to chart the next steps in its botched effort to appoint a new County Executive. The public can attend or view the meeting via PAC 14, the county’s Public Access Channel. The clock is ticking on the council’s […]

County Executive: A Q&A on the selection process

Q. Why did Dr. Rene Desmarais ultimately decline his appointment? A. In a statement, Desmarais — who works as a cardiologist for the Peninsula Regional Medical Group — said he had concluded “the greatest benefit I can provide to my patients and to my friends in Wicomico County is to continue practicing medicine.” There has […]

County Executive: What they said at the interview meeting

Council President Larry Dodd: (In voting on Carl Anderton’s nomination) “I hate to do it, but the chair votes nay.” Councilwoman Nicole Acle: “Our county has come to a crossroads. We can either stand still with the status quo politics or we can move forward in the forward-creative thinking. I think Dr. Demarsais has the […]

Newly chosen County Executive declines post

Wicomico County’s leadership crisis reached a new level of drama on Monday when the just-appointed successor to late County Executive Bob Culver formally declined the post. In a three-sentence letter addressed to the Wicomico County Council, Dr. Rene Desmarais abandoned the job he was selected for just four days ago in a tensely divisive 4-3 […]

Groups seek public input on executive hiring decision

Insisting they were alarmed by the process — and not the actual person chosen to serve as County Executive — Wicomico County’s top two business advocacy groups hosted a public meeting Monday morning on the steps of the Government Office Building. “We are here today because it has become obvious in the four days since […]