Wicomico council looking to move, cut $2.9 million

Budget time annually brings out the best and the worst in elected leaders. During a roughly 75-day period extending between April and July each year, taxpayers get to see who wants to spend what and who wants to cut which — all while being reminded of where the revenues originate. In Wicomico County, this year’s […]

Culver rebuts council letter asking him to fill top posts

County Executive Bob Culver last week had the advantage of reading some mail meant for him — even before it was sent. And, he was able to publicly answer that letter before it arrived. The Wicomico County Council drafted a letter calling upon Culver to hire — as soon as possible — replacements for the […]

Airport water: Seemingly easy solution not so easy

At the start, it seemed like a routine problem with an easy solution: Wicomico County’s airport needs a new water system; the city of Salisbury has a tower filled with water just 2 miles away. Run a waterline 1.6 miles south from Wor-Wic Community College, down Walston Switch Road. The county would install the 12-inch […]

Culver presents conservative budget for Wicomico

Uncertain where the economy is headed and what the fiscal effects of the coronavirus epidemic will be, Wicomico County’s executive leadership team has drafted a straight-forward spending plan for the fiscal year that begins in July. The budget, presented in a webcast held from the Government Office Building on Friday, calls for $153.25 million in […]

Rick Pollitt leaves post as Crisfield City Manager

Former Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt, who was defeated for a third term in 2014, has resigned from his most-recent governmental post as Crisfield’s City Manager. Pollitt had announced in February that he needed to step away from the post and take personal time; he later submitted his resignation in mid-March. Crisfield Mayor Barry Dize […]

Wicomico executive branch facing open posts, questions

Wicomico County’s executive branch problems are mounting, and the growing list of staffing questions and County Council spending roadblocks are beginning to hamper some county functions. With the announcement that county Director of Administration Wayne Strausburg would soon retire, and Strausburg’s deputy, Assistant Director Weston Young, is departing in two weeks, the list of challenges […]

Bob Culver will seek treatment for liver cancer

Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver confirmed Monday that he has been diagnosed with liver cancer and will seek treatment and possibly an organ transplant. Culver, 67, first broke the news on Thursday, when he informed county department heads and other key employees. He made clear on Monday that he will not step down and will […]

Appointments battle might imperil Wicomico borrowing

The potential ramifications of Wicomico County not having a duly appointed County Attorney and Finance Director became clearer in a public meeting last week. The county’s second-ranking executive official, Administrative Director Wayne Strausburg admitted to County Council members that Wicomico’s ability to borrow money to fund capital projects was in jeopardy because the council had […]

Council, Culver enter war footing on hirings

Appointments of key Wicomico officials have reached a new level of consternation as the County Council is standing up to County Executive and refusing to greenlight at least three hires he has made. At the council’s first meeting of the new year, members took an assortment of actions that push back on County Executive Bob […]

Bob Culver offers 2019 ‘State of the County’ report

County Executive Bob Culver presented his annual State of the County report at an event held Dec. 16 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. Culver, a Republican who in December began the second year of his second term as the county administrative leader, stressed quality-of-life issues, financial stewardship and a hopeful future. — Editor. […]