Greg Bassett: Reporter Mary Corddry left a legacy

Mary Corddry died on Christmas Eve. Probably only a handful of people remember her, but the service she provided several times every week over three decades merits a thorough remembrance. Corddry was the Eastern Shore correspondent for the Baltimore Sunpapers. For many years that made her the most prominent newspaper reporter who covered the Eastern […]

Greg Bassett: Celebrate like a Pilgrim this year

We like to call it the all-American holiday, a time of great gratitude for the good things in life, a family reunion, a salute to hot cider, roast turkey and pumpkin pie. The it slips out the back door, hardly noticed, and we say: “Where did Thanksgiving go?” For all of its good intentions, Thanksgiving […]

Greg Bassett: ‘Heavy lift’ executed for schools

Feedback is still pouring in about the education funding story that we printed in the May 31 Salisbury Independent. I’ll forgo the temptation to write a new story and offer this column to address some of the feedback. Those who made various points – and those concerned that I left information out – will see […]

From The Editor: Tell us what you want from your newspaper

Greg Bassett

I delivered a paper route when I was 12. My career as a delivery boy didn’t last long, as there was always too many more fun opportunities at hand. The $6 per week I earned delivering roughly 52 copies of The Daily Times each day wasn’t enough to sacrifice fishing in Tony Tank, baseball games […]

From The Editor: Making a true community newspaper

Greg Bassett

In October 1960, I was born in Peninsula General Hospital on South Division Street in Salisbury. In October 1999, I was named managing editor of The Daily Times. From my new office, across from Peninsula Regional Medical Center, I could look out and see the the window of the hospital room where I was born. […]

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