Kindness is perhaps more important now than ever

“Kindness is ever the begetter of kindness.” So said Sophocles of ancient Greece, proving that some things never change. In early 2019, Salisbury’s Mayor Jake Day and Secretary of Kindness, Grace Foxwell Murdock discussed how the community could continue to be engaged in kindness to promote unity and support our status as the first World […]

Salisbury in competition for World Kindness award

The city of Salisbury is well on its way to being designated as a World Kindness USA City, the first in the nation. This week, the Salisbury City Council signed a Resolution of Intention and named Grace Foxwell Murdock, known as The Kindness Lady in town, as Salisbury’s Secretary of Kindness. “We are meeting the […]

Salisbury student wins national Kindness Award

Savanna Brooks, an 11-year-old student at North Salisbury Elementary School, won the Think Kindness national speech writing contest and was awarded $2,500, which she has promised to share within the community. She spoke with and interviewed Brian Williams, founder of, and has been making plans for how to distribute the money. Grace Foxwell Murdock, […]

Community is rocking out to SBYrocks craze

When Lucas Rayne grows up, undoubtedly his mother will show him the picture of his tiny head resting on her arm and a little rock in her hand. On the rock are four words painted in bright yellow: Be true to you! Lucas’ mother, Sarah Rayne, posted a photo of the sleeping baby this week, […]