Spider monkey passes at Salisbury Zoo

The Salisbury Zoo has announced the death of its 39-year-old male black-handed spider monkey, “Benny.” Zookeepers found him deceased in his exhibit last weekend. He was popular with Zoo visitors.  Born Oct. 26, 1979, at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, the Salisbury Zoo acquired Benny in November 1990. He sired one offspring, Amy, in 1994; she currently […]

Salisbury Zoo has new anaconda and iguana

A yellow anaconda from the South American tropics has joined other reptiles on exhibit at the Salisbury Zoo. The 34-pound snake named Arpona is one of the zoo’s latest additions and can be seen in the William E. Morgan Conservation Center. “She’s a pretty cool snake,” said zookeeper Hannah Buchek. The zoo acquired Arpona from […]

Agnes the bison dies after 19 years at Salisbury Zoo

The Salisbury Zoo has announced the passing of its 19-year-old female American bison, who was euthanized on Thursday. Known to her keepers as Agnes, she was born on Aug. 15, 2000, at the Salisbury Zoo. The Salisbury Zoo has been exhibiting this keystone mammal species for more than 50 years and has a long history […]

Westside 2nd-graders honored for Just Zoo It!

Westside Intermediate School’s 2nd-grade class won the Just Zoo It! contest for collecting the most money for the Salisbury Zoo. Lynn Schwemlein’s class was excited when the Just Zoo It! Prize Patrol arrived to congratulate them on raising more money than any other class in Wicomico County last year. Overall, the 2018 campaign raised more […]

Salisbury Zoo adds two new bison for herd of three

The Salisbury Zoo has welcomed two young female bison, following the death of its male last June. Zoo officials searched for compatible companions for Agnes, the older female bison at the zoo, and knew young females would be best. They also wanted bison from the East Coast, to make it easier to transport the large […]

Zoo Brew event on tap for this Saturday

Zoo Brew, an event to celebrate the collaboration between the Salisbury Zoo and Evolution Craft Brewing, will be held Saturday at the zoo from 5 to 8 p.m. The joint effort resulted in the creation of Pinocchio Pale Ale, named for the Andean bear visitors love to see and led to Zoo Brew, a fundraiser […]

‘Just Zoo It!’ reports another successful campaign

In a photo on Facebook, a cardboard likeness of Agnes, the bison at the Salisbury Zoo, is happily looking over hundreds of plastic bags of coins, collected by local school children to benefit the bison exhibit. The photo is on the zoo’s Facebook page with the message, “Agnes is so thankful for all the coins […]

Baby sloth born joins family at Salisbury Zoo

For the Salisbury Zoo, “Friday the 13th last month was anything but unlucky,” said Ian Shelley, Collection Manager on finding a newborn sloth. Zoo keepers had suspected that the mother was pregnant but were unsure of exactly when to expect the infant.  Staff have been monitoring mom and baby in their inside home to be […]

Bubba the Bison put down at Salisbury Zoo

Bubba, the American Bison who lived at the Salisbury Zoo since he was 4 months old, has died. The 25-year-old bison was euthanized after having problems with mobility that worsened, leading to rapid decline in his health, according to Mary Seemann, who handles marketing and development at the zoo. Bubba was born on July 12, […]

Baby wallaby at Salisbury Zoo awaits public debut

The baby wallaby at the Salisbury Zoo will be formally introduced to the public at the ribbon cutting for the Discover Australia Exhibit, but for now, it’s enjoying life with the mother wallaby they call Petunia. It’s assumed the 4-year-old Bennett’s Wallaby gave birth around the first of November. “Her pouch appeared to be getting […]