Zoo will begin re-opening phases on Friday, July 3

Closed to the public since the beginning of health restrictions brought on by the pandemic, the Salisbury Zoo will finally commence with a schedule for re-opening. The zoo in City Park will open to members only on next Friday through Sunday, July 5, from 10 a.m. to noon and 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. “We wanted […]

Leonora Dillon named Salisbury Zoo Director

After serving in an acting capacity for the past four months, Leonora Dillon has been named Director of the Salisbury Zoo. Dillon had worked as the Zoo’s Education Curator since 2008, until she was tapped in February to succeed Ralph Piland, who resigned.Dillon was one of a half-dozen applicants from across the country who wanted […]

Salisbury Zoo seeks input on naming baby bear

The Salisbury Zoo wants help naming its new Andean bear cub that was born Jan. 11 to mother Chaska and first-time father Pinocchio from Ecuador. The public can go to salisburyzoo.org to vote on one of four names suggested by Pinocchio’s caregivers in Ecuador. These names are native Quichua, a native language in Peru, Ecuador, […]

Husky dog Ghost saluted for finding stolen zoo sculpture

A dog named Ghost was awarded top honors from city officials for being a very good boy when he found a bronze statue that had been stolen five days earlier from the Salisbury Zoo. The sculpture of a great blue heron was taken from the herb garden near the main entrance to the zoo on […]

Ralph Piland departs as Salisbury Zoo’s Director

Salisbury officials have begun a public search for a new Zoo Director, following the recent resignation of Ralph Piland who had been at the helm since 2013. “It’s a high-profile position so we want public input,” said Mayor Jake Day. The Zoo Director is a mayor-appointed position, but the search will likely involve input from […]

Salisbury Zoo celebrates birth of Andean bear cub

The city of Salisbury and the Salisbury Zoo announced on Tuesday the birth of an Andean bear cub to parents, Chaska and Pinocchio. The healthy cub was born on Jan. 11, after months of being monitored and observed by Salisbury Zoo animal-care staff. The first several weeks after birth are extremely critical for the development […]

Andean bear Alba gives birth at San Diego Zoo

Alba, the popular Andean bear that once called the Salisbury Zoo home, gave birth to a cub earlier this month in California. To promote conservation and expansion of the Andean bear population, Alba was given to the San Diego Zoo in 2016. Her cub was born Jan. 8; it was her first cub. Alba was […]

Spider monkey passes at Salisbury Zoo

The Salisbury Zoo has announced the death of its 39-year-old male black-handed spider monkey, “Benny.” Zookeepers found him deceased in his exhibit last weekend. He was popular with Zoo visitors.  Born Oct. 26, 1979, at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, the Salisbury Zoo acquired Benny in November 1990. He sired one offspring, Amy, in 1994; she currently […]

Salisbury Zoo has new anaconda and iguana

A yellow anaconda from the South American tropics has joined other reptiles on exhibit at the Salisbury Zoo. The 34-pound snake named Arpona is one of the zoo’s latest additions and can be seen in the William E. Morgan Conservation Center. “She’s a pretty cool snake,” said zookeeper Hannah Buchek. The zoo acquired Arpona from […]

Agnes the bison dies after 19 years at Salisbury Zoo

The Salisbury Zoo has announced the passing of its 19-year-old female American bison, who was euthanized on Thursday. Known to her keepers as Agnes, she was born on Aug. 15, 2000, at the Salisbury Zoo. The Salisbury Zoo has been exhibiting this keystone mammal species for more than 50 years and has a long history […]