Heroin: ‘This could happen to anybody’

Amid the crushing heartache of losing a son, this is certain – Mac Wessels didn’t want to be an addict and he didn’t want to die. Yet, he did. In bed in an apartment in California, where he was attending college, across the country from the parents who adopted him at birth, sought help and […]

Heroin: Hogan launches new, sweeping initiatives

Just a week before his State Of The State speech, Gov. Larry Hogan announced new details to his 2017 Heroin and Opioid Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement Initiative. A multi-pronged and sweeping administrative and legislative effort, the initiative includes the creation of a statewide Opioid Operational Command Center to assist in breaking down governmental silos and […]

Heroin: Good Samaritan Law makes it safe to help

Maryland’s Good Samaritan Law protects people assisting in an emergency overdose situation from arrest, as well as prosecution, for certain crimes. The purpose of the law is to encourage any person regardless of age, who experiences or observes a medical emergency caused by the ingestion or use of alcohol or other drugs, to seek medical […]

Heroin: Attorney tracking the carnage of abuse

For nearly three years, Rick Brueckner has been building a database to capture what he calls “the big picture of the problem of heroin use.” “We now have a mechanism. We know this — we are getting far better at saving lives,” Brueckner told the Salisbury Independent. “We’re getting close. The information we gather includes […]

Heroin: Overdoses down slightly, but long way to go

There have been nights Lori Brewster has stayed awake, worrying about the heroin problem in Wicomico County and how the Health department she directs can help even more. “I worry, yes I do. Our goal is that we will see this begin to decline and I think we have started to see some of that […]

Heroin: Community Outreach members there to help

Here’s the scene: Somebody overdoses at home. A family member rushes to dial 911 and police and an ambulance respond. With them is a member of Wicomico County’s Community Outreach Addiction Team, composed of recovering drug addicts who know the struggles, the dark horrors, of addiction. “What the COAT member can do, which is the […]