Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, Oct. 15, 1970

Thursday, Oct. 15, 1970 — A blaze at the J.I. Wells Creosote Plant southwest of Salisbury destroyed the facility’s maintenance shop and parts storage area, and caused more than $100,000 in damage. Six companies from across the region were called to the fire. Battling the blaze was especially difficult, officials said, because acetylene tanks and […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1969

Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1969 — Joseph James Bartholemy was convicted today and now faces the death penalty for murdering Wicomico Sheriff Samuel Graham and turnkey Albert Kelly last December during an escape from the County Jail. In a trial moved to La Plata, Md., a Charles County Circuit Court jury deliberated for five hours before […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Saturday, Oct. 1, 1955

Saturday, Oct. 1, 1955 — The mobile X-ray Unit from the Maryland Health Department was back in operation this week at locations across Salisbury. The machine tested employees at Watson Shirt Co. on Barclay Street and Sunshine Laundry on Ann Street. Next week, the unit is scheduled for stops at Ayres Diner and E.S. Adkins, […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, Sept. 24, 2010

Friday, Sept. 24, 2010 — Emotions have been running high during the Wicomico County Board of Education’s negotiations with school bus contractors. School board member Don Fitzgerald said he was unhappy with the manner in which the contractors have conducted themselves and Superintendent John Frederickson said negotiators have managed to meet five of their seven […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Saturday, Sept. 17, 1988

Saturday, Sept. 17, 1988 — Harkins Associates officially broke ground for its new development just off Schumaker Park and Pond. Called Spring Chase, the first phase will contain 46 homes and is one of Salisbury’s first planned residential communities. O’Connor, Piper, Flynn/Porter Associates will be handling sales. When the final phase is complete, the development […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, Sept. 10, 1965

Friday, Sept. 10, 1965 — Seafood packing house operators say an increase in the new minimum wage law could put them out of business forever because consumers are unlikely to absorb costs through higher prices. The new wage of $1.25 per hour is a 10-cents hike and will raise the labor cost to 32 cents-per-pound […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, Sept. 3, 1982

Friday, Sept. 3, 1982 — For five years, the Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary have quietly helped poor people in Salisbury. But the religious order has been told it might have to cease handing out free food from its home in the Newtown Historic District. Following a complaint from someone in the neighborhood, the […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Saturday, Aug. 27, 1983

Saturday, Aug. 27, 1983 — Salisbury real estate salesman Richard C. Insley Jr. has extensively studied the City Council’s proposed ordinance that would amend the existing housing, maintenance and occupancy code. Insley said he is concerned that language in the measure could be used to make owners of older homes modernize to today’s standards, which […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Wednesday, Aug. 20, 1980

Wednesday, Aug. 20, 1980 — The Wicomico County Alcoholic Beverage Commissioners have named a replacement for their inspector, who left the post in a furor after being ousted. Hermus W. Lowe, a former County Council member and state Delegate, was not retained when two new members of the three-person panel took their seats July 1. […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, Aug. 13, 1959

Thursday, Aug. 13, 1959 — West Main Street in Downtown Salisbury between Mill Street and St. Peter’s Street will be closed for 10 days while city workers install a new sewer line. Sewage Treatment Plant Commissioner Fred A. Grier Jr. said about 25 percent of the city’s raw sewage flows untreated into the Wicomico River […]