Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, Feb. 20, 1998

Friday, Feb. 20, 1998 — –Salisbury Mayor W. Paul Martin Jr., who will leave office following this spring’s city election, offered some advice to his yet-to-be-selected successor: Build a new fire station, implement efforts to attract businesses to Downtown and draft a pay plan to better compensate city employees. In a speech to the Salisbury […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, Feb. 13, 1976

Friday, Feb. 13, 1976 — –Wicomico County schools officials said they will “exhaust every appeal possible” to get back some $3.8 million in state funding originally earmarked to rebuild Mardela High School. Superintendent Harold Fulton said he and school board members will directly appeal to the state’s Board of Public Works. The state Inter-Agency Committee […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, Feb. 6, 1992

Thursday, Feb. 6, 1992 — –Shoppers at the Twilley Centre Acme now have more to do when standing in line than just scan tabloid newspapers and crave candy — they can watch television. The grocery store has installed TV monitors which broadcast the Checkout Channel, operated by the Cable News Network. The channel offers news […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Tuesday, Jan. 30, 1979

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 1979 — During a visit to Salisbury, the national President of the United States Jaycees said there is a “distinct possibility” that women would be allowed to join the service group by 1990. As part of National Jaycees Week, Barry L. Kennedy — a 32-year-old Nebraska farmer — spoke at Dockside Murphy’s […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Sunday, Jan. 23, 2000

Sunday, Jan. 23, 2000 — Contractors are busy putting the finishing touches on Brew River, a new restaurant slated to open in April along Salisbury’s waterfront. After years of deal-making and delays, city officials and owner Frank Hanna said the restaurant is crucial to revitalizing Downtown Salisbury. The city has been looking since the 1970s […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, Jan. 16, 1969

Thursday, Jan. 16, 1969 — Public spending watchdog James Betts is attacking the Wicomico Board of Education’s plans to install air conditioning in new classrooms. Betts is also assailing plans to install carpeting in some classrooms, calling the move wasteful. Under public criticism, the school board recently decided not to air-condition a new auditorium at […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Monday, Jan. 9, 1989

Monday, Jan. 9, 1989 — Convinced that Delmarva farmers can achieve corn yields in excess of 200 bushels per acre, Ron Mulford of the University of Maryland’s Poplar Hill Research Center is experimenting with new methods that he says will someday allow a harvest of 300 bushels per acre. Mulford said the science of corn […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2001

Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2001 — The self-appointed citizens committee determined to examine the efficiency of Wicomico County governmental spending held its first brain-storming session last week. Voters Opposing Increased County Expenditures — the anti-tax group that successfully petitioned the transfer tax repeal and revenue cap — held a “think tank” meeting designed to find ways […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Sunday, Dec. 26, 1965

Sunday, Dec. 26, 1965 — Salisbury Police said someone broke into Moore’s Super Stores on South Salisbury Boulevard on Christmas Day and stole more than $1,100 in merchandise. Police said the thief or thieves also attempted to drill their way into the store safe and to attempt to break the the combination knob, but were […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, Dec. 19, 1986

Friday, Dec. 19, 1986 — Applicants to succeed Delegate-elect Norman Conway on the Salisbury City Council will be interviewed by council members on Monday night. Eight residents have reportedly applied for the post: the Rev. Harvey Dixon, Gertrude Shockley, Veida “Sandy” Dennis, Robert Menzel Jr., Bob Caldwell, Duke Shannahan and William Benn. Council President Bob […]