Battle Of The Bands winners to perform Downtown


A special night for the winning bands from the recently held Bennett Battle of the Bands fundraiser from James M. Bennett High School will take place Friday from 7 to 10 p.m. at Headquarters Live in Downtown Salisbury

The 2015 Bennett Battle of the Bands fundraiser took place on April 24 at James M. Bennett High School. Student bands competed for top honors and helped raise $1,500 for the high school’s marching band.

Not only did the top three bands earn bragging rights, they are being given the opportunity to perform at Headquarters Live.

The performing bands:

3rd Place – Beyond the Horizon

Brett Mitchell (9th grade, vocals)

Chris Sajadi (10th, guitar)

Sebastian Melendez (11th, bass)

Reed Morgan (10th, drums)


2nd Place – Jewish Flamingo

Joey Kim (guitar/vocals, 12)

Joe Harrington (guitar, 12)

David Cho (bass, 10)

Luke Murphy (drums, 10)


1st Place – Cuidado: ¡Piso Mojado!

Jeremiah Copeland (vocals, 11)

Kieran Murphy (keyboard/vocals, 12)

Chris Sajadi (guitar, 10)

Sebastian Melendez (bass, 11)

Luke Murphy (drums, 10)

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