Civic Center working to resolve ‘Jersey Boys’ flap

Wicomico Youth & Civic Center officials are still working with promoters to reschedule “Jersey Boys” at the Salisbury performance venue.

“Jersey Boys” was scheduled to perform Thursday, March 28, but was canceled that night because of technical problems.

The show was a collaborative production of the Civic Center, Broadway in Salisbury and Jersey Boys Touring Company/Dodger Theatricals. The cancelation that night resulted in hundreds of ticket holders waiting outside while crews sought to address the problem.

Immediately following the postponement announcement, the Civic Center offered several dates to Broadway in Salisbury, which in turn shared them with Jersey Boys Touring Company, in the hopes that the group could add a reschedule date in the remainder of their North American tour. Civic Center officials said that they have been in close communication with Broadway in Salisbury to confirm a reschedule date.

In spite of Broadway in Salisbury’s efforts, the Jersey Boys Touring Company has yet to confirm a reschedule date.

Civic Center officials said they will continue to push for a resolution and immediately release any news regarding a rescheduling date.

Refunds remain available to customers who are not interested in a reschedule date, and will remain available for at least two weeks after a reschedule date is announced. Refund procedures can be found on the Civic Center’s website.

Civic Center officials said that during a lighting check, a motor inadvertently knocked out an overhead ceiling tile and slightly damaged the ceiling tile grid above the stage. Representatives of the show, citing a safety concern, called for a stop to production until the ceiling was inspected by a structural engineer.

Within one hour, the Civic Center dispatched two professional engineers to the site who inspected the ceiling and certified that there was not a safety hazard.

Officials said that after the inspection, they expected the show would take place with minimal delay, but the touring company delayed signing off on the decision — by then too much time had passed for the show to take place.

Civic Center officials said their communication with customers on show night was unacceptable and “not to the level that we expect from ourselves and certainly not to the level that the public deserves.”

Customers were left largely uninformed and became upset, they said, and officials “take responsibility for this lack of communication and will work diligently to ensure this never happens again.”

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