Community Players staging ‘Blithe Spirit’ this June 19-21


In the world of on-stage comedy, juggling the daily ups and downs of married life can be hilarious.

But add a second wife – one who is deceased – and you have  Noel Coward’s play, “Blithe Spirit,” which will be performed by Community Players in mid-June.

The play, set in England in the 1940s, spotlights  the experiences of novelist  Charles Condomine, a widower now remarried, who asks a medium named Madame Arcati to conduct a séance at his home, so he can obtain material for a book he’s writing.

Who should enter the scene but his temperamental deceased  wife, Elvira?

“Noel Coward wrote it as an improbable farce,” said Sherry Hynes, who grew up involved with Community Players and who’s directing the play.

“He’s writing a book about the occult, so he invites the medium and she calls back his first  wife from the dead. It is a true comedy. He’s talking to both of them and the first wife is talking to him and teasing him and trying to get him back with her,” Hynes said.

Elvira plans to kill him so they can be together in the afterlife, but instead, Ruth, the current wife, is killed.

“He’s stuck in the middle,” Hynes said.

Pete Evans plays the novelist. Judy Hearn is Ruth and Bobbie Calloway is the medium.

“Blithe Spirit” will be performed at Parkside High School on Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20, at 8 p.m. at Parkside High School, and Sunday, June 21 – which is Father’s Day – at  2 p.m.

For tickets, call 410-546-0099.

“It’s a PG rating. There is no foul language of any kind and no violence so it’s suitable for families,” Hynes said.

“If you know anything about marriage and relationships, they begin all rosy but as you get down to it there are problems,” Hynes said with a laugh.

“We’re having a great time with it,” she said about cast members.

“It’s a real belly laugh kind of a play,” Hynes said.

“It will make you feel good. I’m not one for drama. There’s enough bad news and drama in the world. This will make you laugh.”

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