National Folk Festival Guide will help you navigate event

In just a week’s time they’ll be here: musical performers, storytellers, singers, dancers, craftspeople and the passers-on of folklife traditions.

The 79th National Folk Festival begins one week from Friday in Downtown Salisbury. Joining the hundreds of performers will be thousands of fans, spectators and observers.

In this week’s edition of the Salisbury Independent — and attached here electronically — you will find the Official Festival Guide. The compact and handy insert includes information on every act and performer.

There is a complete schedule for all three days. A comprehensive map shows where everything will occur — you can make detailed plans or just wander until you find what you like.

Pull the section out and bring it with you to the festival. We believe you’ll find it tremendously helpful.

Yet again, Salisbury is about to step into the national spotlight. This is a chance for the city to showcase itself to the region. It’s also a chance to celebrate ourselves and take measure of where our community is headed. This is truly an exciting time, so join the fun!

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