Review: Bill Cosby wows Salisbury crowds

Special To The Independent

Comedic legend Bill Cosby lived up to his tour’s title, “Far From Finished”, when he took the stage at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center before a sold-out crowd Friday night.

The number of young fans in the audience testified to the success of “The Cosby Show” television reruns, and the majority of older fans indicated faithful devotion to his lengthy career of his special brand of humor.

The performance icon has never changed his style in all of his career. We get fresh material, but the delivery is always the favorite Cosby monologue we know and love, and as only he can bring us.

Drawing on his own life experiences through childhood, teenage years, marriage and the many characters he brings to life in everyday family situations, he continues to charm audiences over and over again and obviously loves doing so.

Seated in a chair next to a small table with a box of tissues and a bottle of Perrier, he tells his homespun stories while interacting with those fortunate enough to be in the front-row section of one of his two-hour shows.

Like his younger counterparts, Bill Cosby can be seen and followed on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as occasional talk show appearances.

Many of us are familiar with his talents in children’s TV shows such as Picture Pages and Little Bill, and, of course, Fat Albert, whose characters were created by him and inspired by real-life playmates from the neighborhood he grew up in, in Philadelphia.

We would like nothing better than to see a new TV sitcom starring Cosby, and whether that ever happens or not, we can bet on one thing:

Bill Cosby is indeed “Far From Finished.”

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