Teams forming now for The Great Clue Caper


Known as the most fun you can have while raising money for a good cause, The Great Clue Caper – a local version of TV’s The Amazing Race – will be on Sunday, April 10.

A scavenger hunt that involves teams solving clues and taking challenges as they make their way to the finish line, the race will end with a $1,000 award for winners, plus another $1,000 to donate to charity. Afterward, everyone will celebrate at a party with foods, drinks, live music and prizes.

Prizes will go to teams whose members raise the most money, wear the best costumes, display the finest team spirit and choose a creative name.

On the day of the race, teams will check in between at 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at the Village of Hope, at 1001 Lake Street. The race will start at 1 p.m.

A typical experience might be having 12 to 15 clues to solve, with each clue leading to a location in Wicomico County. Team members  will drive there, and once they arrive, complete a task like taking a picture or trying on a frozen T-shirt. Participants might be asked to recite a poem, run a gentle obstacle course, move marshmallows on a straw or take a short trip in a kayak.

Not all members of a team have to perform all challenges, so it is possible to get through the race without doing anything physical.

Once the task is completed, the last page of the team’s race book will be stamped, and members will head to the next location.

As clues are solved, teams move closer to the finish line. They must check in by 4 p.m. at an ending location that will be announced.

Anyone can enter, but each team of two to five people must have at least one adult.

Clues will be given at the Village of Hope, which is the main beneficiary of proceeds from the race.

Teams that raise $50 or more will receive one phone hint allowing them to call in and ask a question during the race;

Teams that raise $150 will also get an extra club book to help with puzzle solving and route planning;

Teams that raise $500 will also be given a pass to jump ahead of other teams at a clue location.

Teams that raise $1,000 will be able to skip a clue. The team that raises the most money will start first.

Cost to enter is $25 person. See

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