Today In Salisbury’s History: Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2000

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2000 — Dresser-Wayne executives are asking union officials to approve a $10 million concession that would slash wages and benefits but keep the Salisbury plant open. United Auto Workers Local 354 President Jack Hughes pointed out the company’s demands, even if met by the union, did not include a promise on the […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1987

Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1987 — Chesapeake Bay oysters, ravaged over the summer by saltwater parasites, are virtually nonexistent in the bay, watermen are reporting. Only a few oystermen in the Upper Bay are reporting catches substantial enough to sell. A Crisfield waterman who used twin-patent tongs in Pocomoke Sound reported that he snared just 28 […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Monday, Oct. 4, 1976

Monday, Oct. 4, 1976 — Dr. John Buchness, the Wicomico County Health Officer, announced the county would be receiving a pre-determined quota of the Swine Flu vaccine sometime next week. When the vaccine does arrive, the newspaper and TV media will alert the public and then those wanting the vaccine will be able to begin […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, Sept. 27, 1963

Friday, Sept. 27, 1963 — Allegheny Airlines is fighting to retain access to service at the Salisbury-Wicomico Airport. The federal Civil Aeronautics Board was meeting today to hear Allegheny’s appeal of a CAB verdict not to financially assist passenger service to Salisbury. The government requires that a minimum of five passengers use the airline service […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, Sept. 20, 1968

Friday, Sept. 20, 1968 — Homer White of Salisbury, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Congress Maryland District 1 seat, is refusing to confirm who he is supporting for president. While White won’t publicly back Democratic nominee Hubert H. Humphrey, he said he has not ruled out eventually supporting Alabama Gov. George M. Wallace for […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Sunday, Sept. 13, 1970

Sunday, Sept. 13, 1970 — The Royal Lipizzan Stallions were expected to play for two more sold-out crowds today at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. More than 5,000 people attended two shows featuring the white stallions on Saturday. Mayor Dallas G. Truitt welcomed the stallions’ world famous trainer and leader, Professor Ottomar Hermann. The […]

Salisbury Rising: Young men are remaking our city

There hasn’t exactly been a lot of new construction in Downtown Salisbury in the past three decades. In fact, the last building constructed from scratch was the W. Paul Martin District Court & Multi-Service Center, and that was way back in 1990. But Downtown development has hardly remained idle in those 28 years. Developers and […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, Sept. 6, 1979

Thursday, Sept. 6, 1979 — Wicomico County Roads Division Chief Kirk Banks announced that he had authorized the opening of a new stretch of road connecting East College Avenue with Beaglin Park Drive. The curving roadway crosses Schumaker Pond and cuts through a wooded area east of City Park. The road has been the subject […]

Today In Salisbury’s History: Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1983

Tuesday Aug. 30, 1983 — The grand opening of the new City Center in Downtown Salisbury has been postponed because of construction delays. Owner and developer Bill Ahtes said the new opening date is Oct. 1 but he will hold a private sneak-preview event this Friday. Located in the old Benjamin’s building, City Center will […]

One On One, Aug. 23, 2018: Superintendent Donna Hanlin

Dr. Donna Hanlin begins her third year as the leader of the county’s 14,600-student public schools system. In an interview for PAC 14, the Salisbury native and career educator outlines her goals and expectations for the school year that begins next week.