Governments find cooperative initiatives

It was a new day for the city and county, as the handshake between Mayor Jake and County Executive Bob Culver indicated — and it was a handshake accented with smiles.

“I am pleased that we are moving matters forward that have been delayed for years. Jake and I have a common goal to make Wicomico County and Salisbury the best it can be. I am looking forward to continuing our working rapport and providing for a business-friendly community,” he said.

Culver said it’s necessary to work together since “we are all one big family in this sand pit.”

Agreements have been developing for months, as city and county officials worked toward cementing alliances from sharing park space to bringing the Salisbury-Ocean City-Wicomico Regional Airport into the city’s water system.

Documents signed include:

  • A deed of easement on Gordy Road, so Salisbury can connect its sewer system.
  • A deed transfer of 6 acres from the city to the county on the northeast corner of Naylor Mill Park, so the county can build new ball fields.
  • A bio solids and leachate agreement between the county landfill and city’s water treatment plant.
  • A radio communications memorandum of understanding, known as an MOU.
  • A memorandum of understanding to let the city store Wicomico River spoils at Sharps Point.
  • Application for water and sewer requests for an amendment to the county’s water and sewer plan at the airport.

Day called the agreements “an important step because when the city and county are working well together, you know that government is not occupied, or preoccupied, arguing with one another.

“As we work toward the big issues, like a fire service agreement, it’s important that we show we can work well together on some smaller issues,” he said.

Negotiations continue to formalize a new fire service agreement that would assure costs incurred by the city’s fire department are fairly paid by the county, for times the city responds outside city limits.

“I’m very excited today. This is a very important issue and I’m looking forward to continuing our partnership with Wicomico County,” Day said.

Agreeing, Culver said he looks forward to “every day sitting down and coming up with some type of activity that helps both the city of Salisbury and Wicomico County.”

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