Community Leadership Series launches new round

About 25 people interested in being leaders will participate in this year’s Transformational Community Leadership Series beginning on March 21.

There is still time to register for the series, which continues monthly until October, by emailing Mike Dunn, CEO of the Greater Salisbury Committee, at

The cost is $575 per person, and includes meals, transportation and instructional materials.

“We did this in 2017 and it was very successful. We had an informational meeting and about 40 people were there. They are self-identified in the community or company they work for as the next generation of leaders,” Dunn explained.

“The goal is to take this group, who are already showing a willingness and desire to get engaged and be leader, to take them to entities and businesses and organizations within the Salisbury-Wicomico community so they can drill down,” he said.

Members of the cohort will tour the Wicomico County Detention Center, local schools and manufacturing sites every third Thursday of the month from March to October from noon to 4:30 p.m.

Panel discussions will follow weeks there are tours.

“We will take them to business entities and get them to learn more, so as they become leaders they will do so with more information about things that happens in the community,” Dunn said.

GSC will lead the series, and work in conjunction with Salisbury University, specifically the Center for Extended Lifelong Learning.

All participants will work out of a leadership module. SU will provide those who will teach leadership.

“When we had this group two years ago, the theme one month was education. We started at Beaver Run Elementary then took them to Bennett Middle School, so they saw one of the schools most in the most need and oldest, then followed with a visit to the newest school.

“On the panel was a superintendent, County Council member and the person in charge of the school building commission,” Dunn said.

Topics will include education, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

“As leaders in the community, GSC thinks it’s way better to have an informed group of leaders. This is our opportunity to take them into the heart of the community and hear from the people who are making the decisions,” Dunn said.

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