Harris says Mueller Report exonerates Trump

First District Rep. Andy Harris issued a statement Monday declaring that the release of findings by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the 2016 presidential campaign has essentially cleared President Trump.

“The United States government has spent two years, $25 million, and a ridiculous amount of wasted time and energy on a special counsel that has officially exonerated the president from allegations of collusion with the Russian government during his 2016 presidential campaign,” said Harris, a Republican.

The congressman supported the findings of U.S. Attorney General William Barr, who issued a letter that summarized the Special Counsel’s findings.

“According to the Attorney General,” said Harris, “there was no collusion between President Trump and the Russian government, and there was no obstruction of justice.”

Harris, who has been in the House of Representatives since 2010, said public attention should now shift away from the Russia-election investigation.

“Now it’s time to move on and take care of the things that the American people really care about, like the economy and border security,” Harris said.

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