Council At Large Profile: Laura Mitchell


Party: Democrat

Profession: Accountant, Vice President, Salisbury City Council


1. Qualifications:

I have a bachelor’s in Accounting and an MBA, including 23 years of government and private sector finance experience.

In my three years on the Salisbury City Council, I helped to improve economic climate, public safety, and public service in the city.

On behalf of our residents, I have advocated in Annapolis and D.C. to keep our decisions and our tax dollars local.

2. Priorities:

Foster coordination and cooperation between the county and the municipalities to reduce duplication of services and reduce costs.

Find innovative ways to attract new businesses and new industries to Wicomico County that pay a living wage.

Adequately equip and staff public safety agencies.

Continue improvements in our public schools and community college. Increase graduation rate.

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