County Executive: What they said at the interview meeting

Council President Larry Dodd: (In voting on Carl Anderton’s nomination) “I hate to do it, but the chair votes nay.”

Councilwoman Nicole Acle: “Our county has come to a crossroads. We can either stand still with the status quo politics or we can move forward in the forward-creative thinking. I think Dr. Demarsais has the best vision that will move us toward that. … Delegate Anderton has been an amazing asset to this county and the Eastern Shore in Annapolis and I look forward to him finishing out those two years and I see him coming back in the future.”

Councilman Josh Hastings: “2020, right? — What more of a 202 thing could we have done than to choose somebody out of left field who we barely even know to be our County Executive? I may have not started out as a Carl Anderton supporter — my political hero was Norm Conway and he took him out — Carl beat him out for that seat in the legislature — but here and now for what I’ve seen in who was prepared — there’s only one candidate who showed up this prepared. I’m really impressed.”

Councilman Bill McCain: “I think that anyone who observed the interviews tonight certainly recognized the fact that he came the best prepared and did the best job answering the questions. … I am as perplexed as all of you. One candidate clearly stood out. One candidate came completely prepared. .. I am very very disappointed.”

Council Vice President John Cannon: “I’ve known Carl for some time and he’s worked tirelessly for Wicomico County for the last several years. I think he demonstrated he’s a proven leader . He’s well-known in the community. He’s well-liked in the community. … I found it surprisingly, shockingly and hauntingly surprising that those advocating against Delegate Anderton were terribly silent.”  

Nate Sansom, Wicomico Republican Central Committee Chairman: “No doubt about it, this was the most consequential vote That each of you will have taken in your tenure on the council, no matter how long that may be. … I can say nothing other than the fact that I am disappointed. I’m disappointed because it was very clear to everyone here this evening who the best candidate was, who the most prepared candidate was, who the most articulate candidate was. .. To the citizens of Wicomico County, this was a disservice, in my opinion.”

John Palmer, Wicomico Board of Education member: “The job of County Executive is a full-time job, so what I’m expecting to see is that the new doctor would very quickly relinquish his other jobs and devote his full time to being the County Executive. If he is not able to do that, then he should be removed from office.”

Randy Day, President/CEO of Perdue Farms: “My job as the CEO of Perdue is to get the best team on the field that I can get — and to be blunt , you didn’t do that tonight. You missed that opportunity. I’m sure you have reasons and I respect them but you really missed an opportunity. … Our largest industry — agriculture — was never mentioned in this conversation. And you passed on an opportunity to get a warrior for agriculture in this capacity. Frankly, I’m disappointed myself. I probably shouldn’t have talked publicly in my capacity, but I just felt compelled.”

Chris Eccleston, Delmarva Veteran Builders: “In business, typically, you try to hire the best candidate for the job. There was only one candidate who showed up and put extra effort into the process this evening and it was clear from the public presentation who the best candidate was. The County Council, in my opinion, has sent a signal they have no interest in moving forward. It is abysmal what you just did — it’s politics at play — and you have no interest in the best version of forward thinking for Wicomico County. I’m embarrassed for our county. … This is atrocious.”

Delegate Carl Anderton: “I’m blessed because I have a great job. I serve three amazing communities in Annapolis — Salisbury, Delmar and Fruitland … so I live a very blessed life in public service I get to wake up every day and support my neighbors. I support your decision, you felt that was the direction to travel, and we’re all on this train together so you pick the track and we’re riding. When the new County Executive comes in, I will work with him in the same fashion I worked with the prior County Executive on legislative initiatives in Annapolis and try to secure as much funding in the governor’s budget for Wicomico County. None of that will change. Thank you for letting me spread my wings a little bit and see how far my vision could go. And to me that’s a success.”

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