Culver finds adjacent site for Wicomico softball fields

Less than three months since the Salisbury City Council denied donating land to the county to build softball fields, another parcel has been found.

County Executive Bob Culver said 20 acres on the other side of the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex were offered to the county by the owner.

“We are doing studies now and land evaluation for that option. We’re looking at it. We should have a plan before Christmas,” Culver said.

The undeveloped land is owned by Patsy Guy, he said.

It should be large enough for softball fields, although it’s shaped differently from the original land adjacent to the park that the county wanted. After a standing-room-only public hearing in mid-September, with scores of residents adamantly opposing the land being donated to the county and developed, City Council members made no motion and the matter died.

Those residents said they wanted to see the forested land, with trails and bike paths, preserved. They also wanted to protect the Paleochannel, an underground water source beneath the forest floor.

Afterward, Culver said, the Guy family contacted county officials and offered to sell the county the 20 acres. He refused to reveal the price.

“It’s not long and narrow like the city property is that we wanted, but it should be big enough. This property is zoned industrial. The council has approved it and we have Program Open Space money for it,” Culver said.

“It’s going to happen. We’re going to build those softball fields.”




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