Internet survey seeks insights on schools’ climate

Through Dec. 16, students in grades 3-12, parents, and school-based staff in Wicomico County Public Schools will have the chance to share their insights about our schools in a district-wide climate survey.

This survey is an important tool of discovery for the Wicomico school system and the community it serves.

Survey results will help inform and guide the school system and Board of Education as they work in collaboration with the community to make Wicomico schools even better. Insights from students, parents/guardians, and staff will help guide decisions to build success for all students and a bright future for our schools.

“Our goal with this climate survey is to help you, your children, and our school system achieve educational excellence by ensuring a positive learning atmosphere in our schools. Your help is greatly appreciated,” said Dr. Donna C. Hanlin, Superintendent of Schools.

The survey window opened on Tuesday and will be open for participation through Dec. 16. The Wicomico school system looks forward to hearing from a variety of viewpoints and from a wide array of people with a stake in public education.

The survey focuses on eight dimensions of education including community engagement, curriculum expectations, developmental perspectives, educational attitudes, faculty fidelity, leadership potential, school climate and student behavior, and an overall sense of how we might better serve all stakeholders in our school system.

Responses to the survey are completely anonymous. The online climate survey must be completed in one sitting, and will typically take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to complete. When a survey taker reaches the end of the survey there will be a submit button. Once the submit button is clicked, a message will appear with thanks for completing the survey.

Students: Students in grades 3-12 will take the survey online during school, with technical support from teachers and staff.

Staff: School-based staff will be provided time to take the survey at school.

Parents/Guardians: A link to the survey is available on the Wicomico Schools home page ( through Dec. 16. Just click on the blue Climate Survey button or the Survey gallery photo to get to this page:

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