Wor-Wic/Royal Farms circle nears completion

The roundabout being built at Walston Switch Road and Route 50, near the Royal Farms under construction, should be finished in a month.

Once the concrete work is complete, it will be covered with blacktop. County officials will inspect it and, when it’s finished, maintain it, explained Lee Outen, county Roads Superintendent.

The roundabout was mandated by the city-county Planning & Zoning Department and is being paid for by Royal Farms, Outen said.

The circular intersection directs drivers to travel counter-clockwise around a center island with no traffic signals or stop signs. Drivers yield to traffic as they attempt to enter.

Coming from Route 50, drivers can go straight south on Walston Switch, veer right into Royal Farms or move counter-clockwise through the circle and enter Wor-Wic Community College.

“It’s part of the design of Royal Farms. It was built by a private contractor that Royal Farms is paying,” Outen said, explaining the developer is responsible for infrastructure, at no cost to the city or county.

He didn’t know the cost to build the roundabout, but said expenses include design work, concrete pavement, blacktop surfacing and lighting.

Olivia Klock, who handles public relations for Royal Farms, said the company wouldn’t release the cost.

While the roundabout seems small, Outen said, large vehicles and trucks can use the side aprons.

Klock said the new Royal Farms is expected to be in business in October. Openings are always at midnight on Mondays, and there will be a soft opening a few days prior.

A grand opening and ribbon cutting will also be planned.

The store, she said, “will all be larger and more technologically advanced than our older stores throughout Delmarva.”

“We hold three major events per new store. For the soft opening, the store opens a few days early and gives free food to the community,” she said.

There are also Royal Farms stores on North Salisbury Boulevard, Snow Hill Road, Pemberton Drive, South Division Street and Royalty Way near Hebron.


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