New governor will name new Wicomico school board member

Wicomico County’s board of education will function with one less member, until the new governor makes an appointment next year.

That appointment will be for the seat held by Larry Dodd, who resigned because he was elected to the Wicomico County Council in November. He had previously served on the county council from 2002-2006.

His departure leaves six board members to handle education matters until the governor’s appointment.

A captain in the Salisbury Fire Department, Dodd was beginning his second, five-year term on the board of education. That term would have ended in 2018.

He was first appointed by Gov. Martin O’Malley to complete the majority of Brian Kilgore’s term, four of five years. Kilgore resigned for personal and business reasons, said Tracy Sahler, who handles public relations for the board of education.

In 2013, O’Malley reappointed Dodd. Newly elected Gov. Larry Hogan will make the new appointment sometime after he is sworn in on Jan. 21, according to Dave  Parker, former chairman of the Republic Central Committee.

Board of education members may serve two terms. They are paid $3,700 each year, with the board president being paid an additional $300 annually.

“We have seven board seats and very active board members. The six on the board now will continue with business and usual until the governor makes his decision,” Sahler said.

The Republican Central Committee will accept applications for the board of education seat, and make recommendations to the governor.

Anyone interested must live in Wicomico County and be Republican. Contact Mark McIver, president of the county’s Republican Center Committee, at


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