Acle tops Scott in Wicomico District 2 election battle

Councilwoman Nicole Acle received 55.8 percent of the votes counted thus far.

Wicomico County Councilwoman, appointed by her colleagues to the District 2 seat 15 months ago, turned back a challenge from Alex Scott in Tuesday’s balloting.

Acle, a Republican, received 5,380 votes to 4,240 votes for Scott, a Democrat.

District 2 encompasses a large, mostly rural area of the county’s west side, that includes Sharptown, Mardela Springs, Hebron, Whitehaven and parts of Salisbury near the east bank of the Wicomico River.

Alex Scott was seeking the Wicomico County Council’s District 2 seat for the second time.

While Scott won more votes than Acle in mail-in balloting — 1,386 to 640 — Acle racked up much larger numbers in in-person election day and early voting.

The contest has yet to be certified and more mail-in ballots could still arrive to be counted. Given the votes in-hand, however, Acle stands with a 55.8 percent of the vote to Scott’s 44 percent.

The vote was a special election to fill a term originally won by Republican Marc Kilmer in 2018. All council members will face election in 2022, the same year Maryland’s Governor and General Assembly members are on the ballot..

Kilmer gave up his seat in June 2019 to return to his native Idaho. The County Council selected Acle to succeed him after a vetting by the county’s Republican Central Committee.

Acle, 47, is a resident of the West Nithsdale community in Salisbury. She is the first woman to serve on the council since Republican Stevie Prettyman held the same seat in 2014.

Acle is the owner of Medical Nutrition Therapies in Salisbury. She is a former Pennsylvania resident who has lived in Wicomico County for 19 years.

Scott, 40, of Mardela Springs, is the owner of The Brick Room in Salisbury. He is regarded as one of Salisbury’s young-and-upcoming business professional leaders.

Scott previously ran for the District 2 seat, losing in a lopsided 2018 challenge to Kilmer.

The district skews conservative and has only been held by Republicans. During the campaign, Scott touted himself as a political moderate and someone who will work across party lines.

He was an outspoken proponent of Delegate Carl Anderton’s selection to succeed the late Bob Culver as County Executive and — in his political advertising — repeatedly skewered Acle’s involvement in the process.

Following Culver’s passing in late July, Acle was a booster of Dr. Rene Desmariais’ appointment as County Executive. A Salisbury cardiologist, Desmariais was confirmed on a divided vote, but formally declined the post just a few days later.

Scott had said that, if elected, he would like to reopen the selection process for County Executive, the post which is currently held on an acting basis by John Psota.

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