School board nominees narrowed to six

The Wicomico County Council will review the six finalists for three seats on the Board of Education at their second meeting this month, with the goal of having them in place by early September.

On Monday night, the nominating committee appointed to select six finalists from 11 applicants, announced the names at a public meeting.

They are Allen Brown Sr., Dawn Becker, Kevin Lindsay, Michael Murray, Talana Watson and William Turner.

The other five applicants were Jocelyn Abbott, Mary Lou Coffin, Tyrone Cooper, Michele Copper and Earle Hatton.

County Council President John Cannon called the six “very good choices” and said it will be hard to narrow them down to three.

Three seats on the seven-member Wicomico County Board of Education became available after Joseph Ollinger, vice president, resigned early and Dr. Tyrone Chase’s and Ronald Willey’s terms expired on June 30.


Last November, when county voters were asked to decide if school board members should continue to be appointed, as has been the tradition in Maryland, elected, or have some appointed and some elected, nearly 51 percent of Wicomico’s 36,451 voters selected Option 2 on the ballot, to switch to an elected school board.

Until the next election in 2018, though, the three seats are being filled by those appointed by the County Council.


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