Small groups of students return to Wicomico schools

Parkside High sophomore Marissa Webster works in the Automotive technology shop at Parkside High Department of Career & Technical Education.

At long last, small-group instruction and services have begun in Wicomico County Public Schools.

Students returned to the Parkside High School CTE wings again, with physical distancing and mask wearing, on Wednesdays.

Students in AM CTE classes were welcomed back for targeted instruction, services and activities, including Special Education, math tutoring, English Language Learner support, Career and Technical Education, advanced science labs and conditioning for fall athletics.

The school system has implemented new procedures for distancing, wearing PPE, and cleaning and disinfecting classrooms and other school areas.

These actions will support the health and safety of both students and staff as officials prepare to bring students back in larger numbers, starting with Pre-Kindergarten students on Monday, Oct. 19.

On Monday, Oct. 26, officials expect to bring Kindergarten students back to school, in a hybrid format to ensure physical distancing and cleaning procedures.

Doing a hands-on activity on the first day of in-person small group learning at Parkside High Department of Career & Technical Education are Project Lead the Way freshmen Landon Blumenthal (JMB), Siddharth Ghosh (JMB) and Evan Horsey (Parkside).

Currently, it looks like one group of students will attend Mondays and Tuesdays, and another group that will attend Thursdays and Fridays.

Parents and guardians will continue to have the option of allowing their students to return to school or to continue virtual learning.

Several weeks before a grade level is scheduled to return, parents and guardians of students in that grade will be contacted to select either hybrid or all virtual learning, and to commit to whether the student will use school transportation.

Parents will be asked to respond with a decision as quickly as possible, and also return the signed Covid-19 Parent/Guardian Agreement.

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