Those who worked with him remember Bob Culver

We asked a selection of people who worked with County Executive Bob Culver what their thoughts were in light of his passing last weekend.

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day

Bob Culver was a courageous leader who continued to serve Wicomico until his final breath as he battled cancer. I will remember Bob for both his toughness, as well as his tender-hearted spirit. Bob did what few ever will and answered the clarion call to service with dedication and pride as he served the citizens of Wicomico County.

School Superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin

I remember how welcoming he was when I first came back (to Wicomico County). At the budget hearing in late spring of 2016, he publicly welcomed me graciously, and in a conversation leaving the event he was more than willing to give us a significant break for a back-to-school event at the Civic Center, so we would have space to bring the entire Wicomico Schools’ team together to start the next school year. It turned out that the Civic Center was under renovation and unavailable for late that summer, but Mr. Culver lent his support to our Olympic-themed kickoff at Perdue Stadium, which was an incredible team-building event to start our school year.

Salisbury University President Charles Wight

As County Executive and a past member of the Wicomico County Council, Bob Culver was a leader in the community and a supporter of Salisbury University. Through his commitment to public service, as well as his career in real estate and as an entrepreneur, Mr. Culver transformed the county both literally and figuratively, developing local subdivisions and creating countless jobs for area residents.

Wor-Wic Community College President Dr. Ray Hoy

Bob was a wonderful supporter of Wor-Wic and served as the County Liaison to the Board of Trustees, during his tenure as County Executive. The Wicomico Economic Impact Scholarship program that Bob initiated in 2016 was created to provide a tuition-free college education for Wicomico County high school graduates to attend Wor-Wic for two-years to earn a degree and workforce credential or prepare for direct transfer to a four-year institution. I always enjoyed Bob’s sense of humor. I remember speaking to him about the far-reaching effect of the WEIS program, and he responded by saying that “it’s pretty easy to impress people when they have such low expectations of you.”

State Sen. Mary Beth Carozza

I have always admired Bob Culver’s passion for serving and working so hard for all of Wicomico County, especially his understanding of how projects, like the Salisbury Regional Airport expansion and the 7½ baseball field for individuals with disabilities, benefitted and improved the quality of life in Wicomico County and beyond. Right up until the very end, Bob Culver was fighting for Wicomico County, and that’s inspiring for all of us in public service.

Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes

Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver and I served on the County Council together and learned to respect each other’s passion for democracy.

Delegate Chris Adams

County Executive Bob Culver was always just a phone call away and eager to help, no matter the time or cause. Bob sought political office for all the right reasons, delivered on the campaign promises he made to his constituents and — most importantly — did the work of the people with a humble heart.

Delegate Carl Anderton

As our Wicomico family joins together in offering our deepest sympathy and prayers for the family and loved ones of our County Executive’s passing, I’m reminded of our time working together to improve our community’s quality of life. Thank you, Bob, for your unwavering service to all of us.

Former Director of Administration Wayne Strausburg

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Bob’s family, especially his children, Courtney and Chris. I deeply appreciated the opportunity Bob gave me to serve.

County Council Vice President John Cannon

We’re very sorry to hear of Bob’s passing. We’d like to thank him for his years of service to the county. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

County Councilman Joe Holloway

Bob’s service as County Executive was short, but very impactful. From very early mornings to late evening, he worked hard for the citizens of Wicomico county. His love and dedication for our county will be long remembered.

County Councilman Ernie Davis 

I will miss the one-on-one conversations that we have had over the years. Even during his sickness he still was willing to talk.

County Councilman Josh Hastings

Though there were plenty of very public disagreements with the council, I personally never had a bad conversation with Bob and — in fact — we shared a lot of laughs over the past couple years. I hope County Executive Culver is remembered for his earnest desire to do what he thought was right, including very bold actions like investing heavily in expanding the airport, championing the expansion of the Quantico Creek Rural Legacy Area, or taking down the Gen.l Winder sign.

County Councilman Bill McCain

He cared deeply about the residents of Wicomico County and served them both professionally and politically. He was steadfast and courageous.

School board President Don Fitzgerald

I was looking forward to talking to him, since all of my surgery has happened. Bob and I did not agree on a lot, but we were understanding of our roles in Wicomico County. Both of us are Wi-Hi grads and are fighters.

Greater Salisbury Committee CEO Mike Dunn 

Bob was PASSIONATE about his job, Wicomico County, and doing things the way he wanted to do them. Here’s to a life led with determination and strong convictions.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan

Deeply saddened by the passing of my friend, Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver, a lifelong Marylander who fought a tremendous battle against liver cancer.

Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Bill Chambers 

Bob Culver was a tenacious advocate for small businesses and, by example, expediently distributed CARES Act dollars to Wicomico County business owners struggling as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Bob was a passionate cheerleader for Wicomico County and its citizens. He was a supporter of the higher education institutions and our public schools. As County Executive, Bob saw the value and economic significance of the Salisbury-Wicomico Regional Airport, Wicomico parks, recreational assets, and the quality of life amenities that the county possessed.

Salisbury City Administrator Julia Glanz

No matter the topic or mood in the room, Bob could always crack a joke and make you laugh. My heart goes out to Bob’s family and friends. He was a fighter until the very end.

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