Two County Charter amendments win approval

Wicomico County residents on Tuesday approved by referendum vote two charter amendments.
An amendment to allow voters to decide if the County Council should confirm deputy directors and assistant directors of administration, just as they now approve hiring of department heads, won by 71 percent or 19,910 votes.

A second amendment, to resolve if Council should authorize transfer of assets valued at more than $15,000 between county departments, the way council now authorizes transfer of appropriations, or funding, was approved with 22,401 votes or 79 percent.

Prior to the election, Wicomico County Councilman Marc Kilmer explained the first amendment also clarifies the current practice of the council approving the administrative director, the position currently held by Wayne Strausburg.

“We have always done it that way. We confirmed Wayne. The council has confirmed directors of administration since we started the county executive form of government,” Kilmer said.

It will increase checks and balances in county government and involve council members instead of simply allowing the administration to hire deputies and assistants.

The other amendment will prohibit assets from being transferred between departments until the council can approve the move.

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