Who were the top 10 Wicomico vote recipients?

The Top 10 vote recipients in Wicomico County in the 2018 election:

  1. Karen Lemon, Register of Wills,  26,377
  2. Mike Lewis, Sheriff, 23,456
  3. Larry Hogan, Governor, 22,107
  4. Kathleen Beckstead, Circuit Court Judge, 21,082
  5. Matt Maciarello, Circuit Court Judge, 20,689
  6. Jamie Dykes, State’s Attorney, 19,093
  7. Mark Bowen, Orphan’s Court, 17,289
  8. Bo McAllister, Clerk of Court, 17,108
  9. Andy Harris, U.S. House of Representatives, 17,079
  10. Bob Culver, County Executive, 15,944

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