Wicomico launches new informational website

In an effort to share information about Wicomico County and its programs, the website windowsonwicomico.org has been launched.

In an effort to share information about Wicomico County and its programs, the Website windowsonwicomico.org has been launched.

“Good things are happening in the county. This will be the start of getting the word out. It will be updated regularly and be expanded on as time goes on,” said Weston Young, assistant county administrator.

“It was discussed in the executive’s office. The executive, Bob Culver, hears it regularly with citizens when he talks to them about what we’re doing and I hear it all the time when I tell people what we’re doing with recycling, with clean-up efforts. They say, ‘Wow. I didn’t know you were doing all this stuff. That’s really cool,’” Young said.

“This is kind of in lieu of not having the public information officer position that the previous executive had,” he said.

Featuring photographs of county events, employees and citizens, the site also explains Wicomico’s history.

“The county was founded in 1867 and has various businesses ranging from small business to large corporations. Home of the famous Frank Perdue, the county is the founding place for the nationally known Perdue Farms, famous for its poultry products.

“Our proximity to ocean resorts, our own Minor League baseball team and major universities make us an attractive haven to attend school, raise a family and retire,” it states.

Offering more than “beach, higher education, Shorebirds and chicken … the county is rich in agriculture. And who could forget one of our hallmarks – Old Bay steamed blue crabs – a time-honored tradition on the Shore!” it states.

There’s information about Culver, elected in 2014 and working to bring initiatives “to better serve the community with efficiency and cost-effective management principles.”

Citizens can type in their e-mail addresses and receive notifications.

“There are a lot of good things the county is doing but we haven’t been getting the message out. This is our attempt at improving that, trying to get the word out,” Young said.


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