Wicomico makes garbage permit system more fair

To improve customer service, Wicomico County residents will now be able to purchase a household garbage permit that will be good for one year from the date it was purchased, Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver announced this week.

Household garbage, or refuse permits, are required of residents who dispose of their trash at either the landfill or any of the 11 Convenience Centers around the County. Previously, these $60 permits were always issued for the fiscal year, from July 1 to June 30.

The County Code did not allow any pro-rating for customers so the $60 fee was the price no matter if it was purchased on July 1, Jan. 1 or June 1.

Just like license plates, these permits will now have the month written on them and will be good for one year from when they were purchased.

“The old system just wasn’t fair for many residents who purchased their permits throughout the year,” Culver said. “This new system makes it fair for everyone, and will spread out the permits throughout the year, making it far more manageable for the employees in the Division of Solid Waste.”

County officials are also working to allow residents to purchase their permits using credit cards, and hope to have that in place by the end of the year, according to County Public Works Director Weston Young.  

“Previously, in late June or early July, we’d have lines out the door for people renewing their permit,” Young said. “Our customers deserve better and this system will help.”  

The system changes were approved by the County Council after a public hearing in August. The new system is being implemented now.

For more information about household garbage permits, contact the Division of Solid Waste at (410) 548-4935.


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